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Monday, January 2, 2012

Thirty Two Thousand - Hey Scott Walker BYE-BYE

King Assclown Scott Walker

17 days left to collect about 32,000 signatures for the Scott Walker recall – and activists in Wisconsin have already collected 507,000 signatures in less than a month. 28 days, to be exact. That’s over 18,000 signatures a day, roughly 750 signatures an hour, every hour. Hated much, Walker?

Poor Scottie. His classic right-wing overreach, fueled by his love affair with the Koch Bros., has been an epic fail. Even the wife of a Wisconsin Republican Senator – and her maid - signed the recall petition against Walker.

Walker isn’t taking this lying down – no way, no how. He’s tried everything. As reported by, he filed a lawsuit against his own Government Accountability Board claiming that “Walker’s 14th Amendment rights of Equal Protection are violated by putting a burden on his campaign to review and challenge petition signatures within a ten-day period.” Wisconsin Dems have filed a Motion to Intervene to dismiss the Republican desperate efforts, er, lawsuit, and the next hearing date is January 5, 2012. Walker’s spent a cool couple of mil in television ads countering the recall efforts. He’s called out the big guns, even going on Fox News to whine about the “massive fraud” of the recall signature gathering. Well, if Faux News can’t help him, no one can.

As sad as it is Faux News can’t.

Walker’s ads are as disingenuous as the “job creation” agenda he tried to ram down Wisconsin’s throat when he was elected a year ago; the “small business owner” starring in one of his “Walker is Wonderful” ads is actually a multi-millionaire who owns Milwaukee’s pro football team, the Mustangs. Not exactly small business material, there. Well, maybe owning a football team, to Walker cronies and patrons Koch and Koch, is a small business enterprise. The rest of us, small business owners included, would probably struggle to afford a ticket to the game.

For those who spent many cold weeks or weekends up in Wisconsin last winter – the recall election is a breath of spring air in the midst of a cold midwestern winter. Many of us recall the phony phone call, where Walker was punked by a reporter purporting to be David Koch. In it, Walker and “Koch” conspired to find ways to punish the wayward state congressional Dems, joked about the use of a baseball bat in Walker’s office, discussed planting “troublemakers” among the protesters, and “Koch” offered – and Walker accepted – an offer of a congratulatory trip to Cali once Walker “crushed these bastards.”

Given his way, Walker would most certainly “crush these bastards” – the “bastards” in this case being Wisconsin citizens. He’s well on his way . . . .

First and foremost, Walker stripped most Wisconsin public workers of their right to collectively bargain. When protesters against his anti-union legislation overflowed Madison, Wisconsin, he put the State Capitol – the people’s Capitol – on “lockdown.”

Walker promised to add 250,000 jobs to Wisconsin - not happenin’.

Walker’s policies resulted in severely reduced funding for the state’s public schools.

Walker cut $500 million from the state’s Badgercare insurance program, affecting the insurance of tens of thousands of people.

The assclown who worries about the budget deficit added $117 million to it, giving corporations tax breaks.

Walker’s job creation is non-existent – the state actually lost jobs, even while he was thumping his chest at his job-creation virility.

Walker jumped on the “show us your papers” voter ID bandwagon, passing a law that will make it more difficult to vote, particularly for minorities, students and the elderly.

Walker refused federal money for a high-speed rail between Madison and Milwaukee. Might have created a few jobs, there.

Now, Walker is admitting (throwing himself on the mercy of the court of public opinion, perhaps?) that he might have made a few teeny tiny mistakes in the way he “sold his message.” Guess he still doesn’t get it, because the problem wasn’t with the sale of the message – the problem was with the message itself.

This is radical teapublicanism at its best! C-YA, Walker, and don't let the door hit where the good Lord split you.