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Friday, February 25, 2011

CNN's Dana Loesch Can't Keep Track Of Her Smears

Either that or she just lies about the smears. Either way, it's not a flattering portrait.

A more flattering  portrait of Loesch

CNN hired Dana Loesch as a political contributor in which Loesch calls CNN “the biggest bunch of idiot blockheads,” (June 6, 2009) “state-run media,” (March 2010) and said that the network was the home to “tinfoil hats” (Sept. 2008).

One would guess CNN is really desperate to hire Loesch with comments like above. She ceratainly wouldn't be working for NFTOS and any other reputable media group.

We've documented how CNN's latest contributor Dana Loesch has trouble telling the truth during her nationally televised appearances. But apparently that's nothing compared to the misinformation and falsehoods she peddles on the local level as a right-wing radio show host in St. Louis with ties to the Tea Party.

This latest episode is telling in terms of just how brazen Loesch's lie was this week, and the fact that Loesch is so far out on the right-wing fringe that she's targeting local Republicans for race-baiting smears.

Here's the background, courtesy St. Louis Activist Hub [emphasis added]:
Backstory: the St. Louis Tea Party doesn't like the proposal to restore control of the St. Louis Police Department to the City of St. Louis. In fact, they dislike it so much they made a blatantly race-baiting video suggesting that the bill had something to do with the New Black Panther Party (and remember, in tea party language, New Black Panther Party = "wants to kill crackers"). In fact, the tea party even suggested that House Speaker Steve Tilley is "associated with the New Black Panther Party" because he supported the bill.
That's right, Tea Party conservatives in Missouri are claiming local Republicans (like Steve Tilley) are conspiring with the New Black Panther Party. (Don't ask.)

On Thursday, Tilley appeared on Loesch's St. Louis radio show and she assured him that he wasn't the target of a Tea Party attack:
"I don't think that anyone was specifically trying to tie, like, you to the New Black Panther Party."
Right, except earlier this week Loesch herself tweeted along a link to a Tea Part site that maliciously hyped "Tilley's recent association with the New Black Panther Party."

So on Tuesday, Loesch was helping peddle the smear that a local Republican was associated with the NBPP. Then on Thursday when the Republican appeared on her radio show, Loesch assured him nobody was trying to associate him with the NBPP.

Keep it classy Dana.

Oh, and for the record Loesch then waited until after Tilley hung up and ended his radio interview with her before she launched into an extended attack against him.

Behold "conservative journalism."

(h/t Fired! Up Missouri)

I had another blog lined up today, but I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to show my readers how diabolical this gal really is. She has been a top NFTOS topic since our inception as she was a leading factor in us creating our media group. Ms. Loesch is the biggest liar and hypocrite this side of the Pacific.

She loves that her puppet master allows her free reign to spew radical ideology unchecked, why is this you ask, because Andy Breitbart is the creator of the concept.

Loesch also models herself after Ann Coulter, the only difference is that Coulter has the Adams apple. This trio (Breitbart, Loesch, Coulter) have made it their mission to piss off anyone from the left, and will go too great lengths to do so. Even if that means they have to doctor up videos to make their clam.

NFTOS editor-in-chief Roger West sent an open letter to CNN calling for them to rescind the offer to Loesch and this was their reply:
NFTOS said it was told by CNN that "CNN has always been a news organization committed to having political analysts and commentators from across the entire political spectrum. As an independent news organization we don't take sides. Naming someone a ‘CNN Contributor' doesn't mean we endorse their political viewpoint. Instead, it means we have added them to our wide of range of voices which also includes invited guests and analysts on our TV networks, as well as opinion leaders on the Opinion section."
Loesch is running full bore with her fifteen minutes of fame, we at NFTOS can only hope that it ends soon with a resounding thud!

Special thanks too Eric Boehlert at mediamatters for the story. Its good to see that someone else recognizes that Dana Loesch is a hack.