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Saturday, January 8, 2011



Here is a copy of an ad that Giffords opponent ran. Very, Very disturbing. Caution when viewing!

Here is Sarah Palin encouraging or inciting as well!

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was critically wounded today in a shooting at a Tucson, Arizona, Safeway store. At least 11 other people were injured, officials say. The hospital says Giffords is in surgery for a gunshot wound to the head.

This is the very anger and discontent that Dana Loesch {pictured below}, Andy Breitbart, Glenn Beck and other extreme tea bags encourage!

We have posted this email from photographer Steven Treusdell to Dana Loesch. Here it is again for about the 50 time via NFTOS:

{Our researchers came up with this quote from a left wing friend of Loesch's (which honesty astonishes the bloggers of NFTOS that she has Democratic pals). Quoting photographer Steven Treusdell who has no problem calling out dear Dana... "You have the character of a hate radio DJ down pat," Truesdell wrote in an e-mail to Loesch in October. "Your continued rise in this arena will be fun to watch. You have the aggression, the looks, and the vocab to go far in 'Hate broadcasting' and right wing idolatry. Do be careful though, one day the outrage you urge in others will turn to violence and innocent people will die in your name. This is assured. That is a lot to live with, even when one has Religious righteousness and a fervent belief in their absolute rightness. I hope when that day comes you can live with the results of what you have sown."}

"Republican National Temperament" is completely out of control! Its fine to disagree with parties, but to take things to this level, Dana Loesch and Glenn Beck need to be held accountable, PERIOD!