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Saturday, September 27, 2014


In typical Bill Maher fashion - last nights show not being any different, Maher tells it like it is.

Bill Maher may agree with liberals on many things, but one thing he is not tolerant of is - constantly-outraged liberals staying silent on Islamic atrocities.

Maher said it’s ridiculous for President Obama to claim ISIS isn’t Islamic, because looking at the actual beliefs of ISIS and many Muslims around the world shows that much of Islam “has too much in common with ISIS.”

Maher tore into liberal ideas of multiculturalism and non-judgment when it comes to whether certain belief systems are better. Maher said of course “liberal Western culture” is better than horrid theocracies where people’s rights are threatened every single day.


Whether you like him or not - or agree with him or not - the bottom line is pretty clear, homo sapien priorities are screwed up.

Roger West