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Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Make no bones about it readers, the tea party lunatics are no more rampant and ignorant than in my own back yard. [Virginia Middle Peninsula]

Climate deniers should be insulted, mocked, and humiliated often. When future history books are written, when lives and property are truly in danger- these people will be first in the long list of history to blame for the lack of preparation regarding climate change.

The tin foil hat society tends to be at odds with the reality-based community when it comes to climate science. This topic comes up from frequently here in rural, Eastern shore Virginia, and it’s always disconcerting. There’s a political dispute underway about an issue with unrivaled consequences – the climate crisis has the capacity to change conditions on the planet to the detriment of humanity. One side of this political argument is relying on evidence and science to draw attention to a potentially catastrophic problem in the hopes of coming up with a solution.

The other side of the argument includes a variety of prominent voices who've come to believe that the entirety of climate science is a hoax perpetrated by secret communists who hate free enterprise. Other conservatives don’t go quite this far, but nevertheless say the problem, if it exists, can’t or shouldn't be addressed.

The Globe doesn't have time to wait for the benighted ignorant to catch up - for those who are wrong, and for those who embrace dangerous pseudo-science. With so much on the line and at stake, waiting for the willful ignorance of the tin foil hate society seems deeply irresponsible.


Bad time to be a Virginia Tea Bagger


Maddow Breaking Down The Virginia 2013 Election

Virginia Democrats, get out and vote, lets make this a slam dunk and get a Democrat clean sweep for this elections cycle. This is the time as we sit center stage - to tell the National Tin Foil Hat Society, not on our watch!

Roger West