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When Roger West first launched the progressive political blog "News From The Other Side" in May 2010, he could hardly have predicted the impact that his venture would have on the media and political debate. As the New Media emerged as a counterbalance to established media sources, Roger wrote his copious blogs about national politics, the tea party movement, mid-term elections, and the failings of the radical right to the vanguard of the New Media movement. Roger West's efforts as a leading blogger have tremendous reach. NFTOS has led the effort to bring accountability to mainstream media sources such as FOX NEWS, Breitbart's "Big Journalism. Roger's breadth of experience, engaging style, and cultivation of loyal readership - over 92 million visitors - give him unique insight into the past, present, and future of the New Media and political rhetoric that exists in our society today. What we are against: Radical Right Wing Agendas Incompetent Establishment Donald J. Trump Corporate Malfeasence We are for: Global and Econmoic Security Social and Economic Justice Media Accountability THE RESISTANCE

Monday, June 10, 2013



We are asked many questions here at NFTOS, but the number one query is, why do we call the GOP "The American Taliban"?

With HBO's NEWSROOM second season coming up in a month, we thought we'd repost a favorite of ours.

Video courtesy of HBO

Nothing seems to infuriate the tea bagger more that calling them the "American Taliban." Personally, if the glove fits.....

Many shows attack the far right wing nut job regime, but little skewer the outdated party like HBO does.

For a change of pace, instead of the American Taliban getting their news from Alex Jones or faux news, maybe they should watch them some "Newsroom" - because if you're truly getting your news from Alex Jones, you might as well get the Harry Potter novels for science. Alex Jones and Faux News are about as legitimate a news source as TMZ, or a fortune cookie. Sure our government has its problems, but setting up FEMA concentration camps and farting tornadoes out of the clear blue sky with the use of a devise too outlandish to be featured in an Indiana Jones film - should be even way to much for the RWNJ [right wing nut job].

Roger West