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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


BREAKING VIDEO: 28-Mar-12 19:45

The story just isn't adding up for murderer George Zimmerman.

This video is on Sanford P.D. surveillance tape being lead into jail....where is the bloody broken nose or the bleeding gash from the back of his head? Where are the blood stains on his shirt?

This video is a witness and what police said and did after murder.



Jon Meyer Dawning A Hoodie

Illinois’ Rep. Bobby Rush (D) was removed from the House floor this morning after donning the hood of his sweater — and thus, according to Rep. Gregg Harper (R) — violating a rule against wearing hats:
“The chair will ask the Sargent of Arms to enforce the prohibition on decorum,” said Harper, acting as speaker. “Members need to remove their hoods or leave the floor.”
Rush sought to make an impassioned speech on the floor of the Republican controlled House of Representatives. Rush wanted to plea with America to stop profiling African-American men. Towards that end, Rush employed a bit of theatrics - he donned a hooded sweatshirt to make the point that our society needs to stop “assuming” that articles of clothing suggest anything nefarious about people: “Racial profiling has to stop,” Rush said.

Harper was having none of this. He continually interrupted Rush:
“The chair must remind members that clause 5 of rule 17 prohibits the wearing of hats in the chamber when the House is in session,” Harper said after Rush left. “The chair finds that the donning of a hood is not consistent with this rule. Members need to remove their hoods or leave the floor.”
Rush Dawning a Hoodie On House Floor

Rush had donned the hood to commemorate Trayvon Martin, whose hoodie has been the topic of recent public discourse, particularly in light of Geraldo Rivera‘s assertion that the teen’s clothing had been a major contributing factor in his death. “Just because someone wears a hoodie,” said Rush, “does not make them a hoodlum.”

Was Rep. Rush showing disrespect for the policies and practices of the American congress, or, was he utilizing props to make a dramatic point? No doubt, the fact that Bobby Rush happens to be an elder black Democrat and Harper is a white teapublican from Mississippi - didn’t escape observers of this sad spectacle taking place in the “peoples house.”

Wake up America, stop profiling African-Americans!

Editor-In Chief
Roger West