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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Ana Navarro has been torching Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN. Hughes the light headed Trump nutter offered up a freakish defense of the GOP nominee describing grabbing an unsuspecting woman’s “pussy” — which Navarro promptly hit out of the park with a brilliant comeback.

Host Anderson Cooper asked Hughes about Trump’s grotesque description of sexually assaulting women, saying, “Let me ask you about that. Where have we made it okay to talk like that?”


According to Hughes, a popular erotic book is to blame.
“Unfortunately, we’ve made that to be a culture, a “50 Shades of Grey” culture in today’s society,” Hughes responded. “Men can talk like that. There’s nobody on that bus, as we’ve seen today, with someone [Billy Bush] losing their job over being suspended. 80 million copies of “50 Shades of Grey” was sold. “Magic Mike” was one of the most popular movies.”
“I didn't read the book but I assume that was a consensual relationship, ” Cooper admitted.
“No, it was not all the time,” Hughes shot back. “The things that were done were not. You look at the vampire trilogy, pop culture itself has become very stretched in these areas. This is just a part of it, if you read anything from Sports Illustrated to Playboys, sex, unfortunately, sells.”

Hughes added that it makes her “crazy ” when she hears women talk to other women using foul language.

When it was Navarro's chance to respond, she was fit and ready to lambast the shameful nutter.
“It makes you angry except when the person running for president of the united states says it,” Navarro began. “Let me tell you something, everything you just said is 50 shades of crazy! To compare running for president to an erotic film or erotic movie, an erotic novel, it’s crazy. If he wants to be held to that standard, great, then go write” The Art of the Groping.” But if you are running for president of the United States, you are a role model. You’re a role model for children like your daughter who you keep quoting. You’re a role model for all Americans. you’re held to a higher standard, you should not be behaving like if you are in a locker room. You should be behaving like if you are in the Oval Office.”
When it comes to either Nell Hughes or Kayleigh McEnany, the term useful idiots comes to mind. Trump and his band of deplorables are in scorched earth mode, what ever he utters, these ladies will gobble up like a pig eating shit - defending him no matter how grotesque, vile or putrid. In thirty days, Fuckface Von Clownstick will be nothing but a horrible memory, as for Nell Hughes and McEnany, they'll have to quantify for a very long time - their support of Satan's spawn.

I am not a big fan of any conservative, but at least Steven Schmidt and Ana Navarro are honest and living outside the wing nut bubble.

Roger West