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Wednesday, September 26, 2012



I have said over and over again on some 1,300 blogs [blogs written to date], that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste", but apparently if you waste 25 million of them, you get the current republican party.

Color still lingers about us, that being the hate for someone not of your color. Whether we see it or not, and since it is no longer acceptable, nor fashionable, it oozes out from around the edges of the radical republican party, and those whom speak it don't even realize that, as good as their intentions might be, as improved as their attitudes might be from where they used to be, or where their parents and grandparents used to be, or where America used to be, it's still racism.

This is not something that should be true even as evidence of our horrific past. But it is. Discrimination is still all around us in so many ways, openly re-directed towards immigrants who are doing nothing more than following the path that brought my recent ancestors here and probably yours, or focused on gays predicated on a mumbo-jumbo of biblical misinterpretations or leeching out still against black people in things like the tea party movement or the republican party as a whole.

Thus it becomes fashionable, sometimes psychologically necessary, that when those radicals express it, they have put it in code, or better yet dress it up or provide rationalization to themselves for it. We say that it has nothing to do with race or prejudice - "Barack is a socialist", "he is bent on destroying the country" and "he was only elected by people who can't speak English", or was it because he was only elected by "guilty whites", "voter ID Laws", "Voter suppression"?

The rationalizations of a racist are too many and to contradictory for the sane minded to keep up with. The whole of the "anger - at - government" movement is predicated on this. The future is confusing, the threat from those whom want to dismantle our way of life are real - as if we aren't already doing it for them.


And yes, the President is black, but they can't come out and just say that, for if so you're an outcast, so now enter the euphemisms, you know "your taxes have gone up", "grandma is likely to be death paneled by Obamacare", and yes America has a "socialist President"!

Facts don't mean a rats ass to the radical republicans when they look for any excuse to hate the President! But not because he is black - anything you can say out loud without your family and friends bursting into laughter at you will do.

Not all our heritage is honorable. Not all the decisions of the founding fathers were noble! Not very many of the founding fathers evolved enough to believe that the black people were actually people. The founding fathers thought they were, and fought hard to make sure they would always remain slaves.

Fear is a terrible thing, so is prejudice, so is racism.

If the radical 4G network [God, Guns, Gays, GOP] AKA The American Taliban's believe there is merit to their political argument, fine. But ask yourself this when you next watch fixed noise, or go to a tea bagger event, or listen to a American Taliban politician, or commentators that praise these very things, or merely treat them as if it was just a coincidence that they are virtually segregated, ask yourself, where are the black faces? Who am I marching with? What are we afraid of?

And if it's really only a "Presidents Policies" and not his skin color - then ask yourself one last question. Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your lifetime that consists of noting but people who look exactly like you? Where are they?

UPDATE: The Massachusetts Senate race gets racist

Roger West