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Saturday, February 23, 2013

McCarthyism Is A Good Thing?

We posted a blog by thinkprogress yesterday which compares Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy, which should be a scary comparison in most modern eras.

This is following Cruz’s allegations of possible ties Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel has to radical anti-American groups, and the piece alleges Cruz claimed knowledge of communists at Harvard University.

Ted Cruz is not your normal American Taliban-er readers, no, this dipshit takes stupid to another level, which makes him the dipsy-doodle king of tea baggers for this week. As Michele Bachmann loses her batshit crazy luster within the ranks of teabillie land, there is never a loss for unlettered GOPers to take the helm! In this instance, its Ted Cruz, poster boy for "Brylcreem, A Little Dab'll Do Ya".


Last night Rachel Maddow deconstructed exactly what makes Cruz so much like Joe McCarthy, the man infamously known for his witch hunt against communists in the United States government.

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A friend of mine said to me: "The "conservative bubble" resides in the lower backside of Rush Limbaugh".

I would add to this friends comment; that in a cosmological sense, that's just the locus of one of those fecund over-heated birthing areas, just like when we look at rich accumulations of hydrogen gas in space. Big Fat's [Limbaugh] massive ass acts as the event horizon to a black hole for authoritarian misconceptions of reality, farooping them out daily at a highly energized, therefore over-heated, rate.

So what we get in Ted Cruz is someone who's really, really bright and smart on everything that is just wrong. It's like being a notable bible scholar but at the same time actually believing all those religionist myths and bull shit misconceptions.

Roger West