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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


TED CRUZ BEING..............................TED CRUZ

How is it that one lone RWNJ, a junior grade Right Wing Nut Job at that, can hold 330 million Americans hostage? Junior congressman Ted "I am not from America" Cruz is on a Kamikaze mission, and if your not up Kamikaze missions, there has yet to be one human who survived one!


Yesterday Carnival Cruz took to the floor to speak against the health reform law, attempting to block a funding bill from coming to a vote in the Senate. Cruz has been pushing to derail that funding bill unless it includes a provision to defund Obamacare — a far-right strategy that could ultimately force the federal government to shut down next week, and a tactic that doesn’t actually have the support of GOP leadership or the vast majority of Republican voters. Nonetheless, when he began speaking on Tuesday afternoon, Cruz vowed to continue his “speaking filibuster” until he is “no longer able to stand.”

Cruz’s dramatic anti-Obamacare crusade has captured media attention for weeks. But when it comes to the realities of health reform, it couldn't matter less.

First of all, it’s not a real filibuster. Whether or not Cruz keeps speaking, and regardless of how long he ends up going on, the Senate will still vote on the continuing resolution tomorrow. This weekend, even Fox News was confused about why Cruz thought this political ploy could work.

And even if the provision in question that seeks to “defund Obamacare” somehow managed to pass the Democratic-controlled Senate, it wouldn’t actually do anything to bring the health reform law to a grinding halt. The main avenues of reform that will extend health coverage to additional Americans — the Medicaid expansion and the subsidies available to help people buy plans on the state-level marketplaces — aren’t affected by the fight over annual appropriations.
Ted Cruz: “Everyone knows Obamacare is destroying the economy"
That is everyone except CBO, which estimates Obamacare reduces deficits by 109 billion dollars.

If Cruz and his fellow Tea Party Republicans successfully derail the budget negotiations altogether and force the government to shut down, that won’t stop Obamacare implementation from marching forward, either. Much of the money that finances health reform has already been appropriated, and can only be removed if the law is repealed altogether. In an opinion piece published last week, E.J. Dionne suggested that a government shutdown could actually ironically help the law’s popularity. That’s because, if the health law’s enrollment period experiences a few hiccups along the way (as any new government program undoubtedly will), this political battle may convince Americans that Republicans are actually to blame for that.

Of course, that doesn't mean Republicans aren't actively working to sabotage the health reform law in very real ways. At nearly every turn, anti-Obamacare lawmakers have done everything in their power to hamper reform. They've refused to extend health coverage to additional low-income Americans by rejecting the law’s optional Medicaid expansion. They've undermined national public outreach efforts to teach Americans more about their options under the law, and slashed the state-level budgets dedicated to marketing the new insurance plans. They've attempted to slow down enrollment by placing unnecessary restrictions on the people who are supposed to help Americans sign up for new Obamacare coverage. They've disseminated misinformation about the law and confused most people about what it actually does. Some states have even simply refused to implement Obamacare’s provisions altogether.

There are still very real threats to Obamacare, but they’re largely happening on a state level. Some of them are particularly insidious. For instance, grassroots campaigns are attempting to convince Americans to thwart the health reform law by simply going uninsured.

The issues to pay attention to don’t have anything to do with Tea Party politicians making the rounds on Sunday news shows or wasting time on the Senate floor.
NFTOS Editor-In-Chief Roger West speaking to staff members this morning: "Memo to the Klondike Kardashian: Carnival Cruz is not, I repeat not engaged in a filibuster. The Senate has scheduled a cloture vote on Wednesday. He can talk all he wants to Wednesday. Then he must yield the floor to allow the vote.  As we all know American history is laden with people who look back at their congressional heroes who saved them from getting health insurance."


Jon Stewart returned Tuesday night roundly mocking the Republican plan to defund Obamacare by any means necessary, even threatening a government shutdown. What disturbed Stewart the most were the creepy anti-Obamacare ads featuring a big-headed Uncle Sam, leading Stewart to conclude that Republicans are counting on an “appeal to fear of anal puppet finger-banging” to kill the health care law.

He took Ted Cruz to task for calling Obamacare the worst thing ever, mockingly piling on, “Nothing spoils Breaking Bad, nothing sews you into a human centipede like Obamacare!”

But what really set Stewart off was Cruz saying once people embrace Obamacare, they won’t ever want to get rid of it. He said, “It’s like crack to us, you give us one small taste of Social Security, and suddenly we’re all sucking the glass dick of not having our old people freeze to death and live off cat food!”

Stewart concluded that Republicans aren't afraid it will be a train-wreck, “They’re afraid we’re gonna like it!”



Sarah Palin joined Sean Hannity on Tuesday night for hour seven of Ted Cruz‘s Obamacare filibuster on the Senate floor. Both Palin and Hannity were amazed at the level of Republican opposition to Cruz, and stepped in to defend the Texas senator from the GOP establishment.

People Throw Rocks at Things That Shine

Ted Cruz Reads Green Eggs And Ham.

How apropos is it, imagine when Ted Cruz finds out the moral of Green Eggs and Ham is that you don't know if you like something until you try it. Watching Ted Cruz speak on the Senate floor is like watching a dog shit on a priceless rug. Even when you clean it, the stench still remains. Yesterday was National Voter Registration day, and I'd like to thank Ted Cruz for reminding 65,917,257 Americans why they registered and voted for Obama.

GOP Hopes You ‘Die an Agonizing and Unnecessary Death’ to Embarrass Obama

If Ted Cruz wants to demonstrate his stamina, let him try 24 hours living with a tumor he can't afford to treat. Its all fun and games until thousands are dead needlessly because one lone asshat decides its better to grandstand and speak of green eggs and ham rather than ensure that millions of Americans are covered by healthcare.

Ted "Carnival" Cruz, you are today's asshat of the day!

Roger West