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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Effeminate You’re Children

NC Pastor who told congregants to punch their effeminate children claims; it’s what Jesus would have said. That’s right readers, from the pulpit, beat the gay out of your children.

WTF? Hey Jesus, take the wheel while I pummel this kid for being gay.

Update: Pastor Harris issued a kind of backhanded retraction today in which he says, in part:

“I should not have said what I said about 'cracking,' 'punching,' and particular bias toward outward attraction of girls. Nor should I have used the words 'special dispensation.' I did not say children should be squashed. I have never suggested children or those in the LGBT lifestyle should be beaten, punched, abused (physically or psychologically) in any form of fashion.”

No, you didn't suggest it, you just said it outright, dude. He also said, "I apologize to anyone I have unintentionally offended." But, just so you know, he does not "apologize for the manner in which the Word of God articulates sexual immorality, including homosexuality and effeminacy, as a behavior that is an abomination to God." You can read the entire statement here.