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Thursday, February 16, 2012

17 Reasons Why Breitbart Is Not To Be Trusted

Everything You Don't Want To Be, "Andrew Breitbart"

Current TV's Keith Olbermann Pointing Out Andy Breitbart's Great Jouralism

Debunking Breitbart's "Occupy Rape List"

Quoting fellow blogspot blogger "St. Louis Activist Hub" Whom knows the Breitbart clan better than most:
"But what I think is so valuable about Olbermann's research is that it shows, quite dramatically, just how morally bankrupt the Breitbartian version of "journalism" really is. In basically every case, Breitbart bloggers twisted reality to fit their narrative. A real journalist would wait for conclusive evidence before declaring that some person or movement was responsible for rapes or sexual assaults; at Breitbart's sites, they throw out the charges almost daily based on their own interpretations of limited and ambiguous information. It's very much like the Kenneth Gladney case; the video was anything but conclusive; all it showed was Perry Molens pulling Gladney away from McCowan at the end of a fight. Yet Breitbart's gang of hacks declared that the video provided conclusive proof that McCowan and Molens had severely beaten Gladney, and they steadfastly refused to engage in an honest assessment of the evidence."

Why does Breitbart not defend himself on this blatant bullshit hyperbole? Why is it always that one of the useful idiots at "Big" - enter Lee Stranahan, - ends up cleaning Breibart's bowel movements, i.e. do his dirty work for him?

Well two reasons, one, money, like blood, is thicker than water, and coddling to the boss' ass is one way to ensure your still gainfully employed, second, it gives those the attention [ the "15 minutes of fame seekers"] that they normally wouldn't have gotten at home - because mommy failed to give them attention as a child. 

Comments on Stranahan's strory:

"Number sixteen: St. Louis. Again, the victim in an assault is identified as a member of Occupy, not the alleged perpetrator. ...

Woman assaulted AT Occupy. In her tent. That’s an Occupy related assault.

Wait – the assailant was homeless??! That changes … nothing."

Then why is Breitbart bellowing (drunkenly) AT Occupy to "STOP RAPING THE PEOPLE" when it's someone UNINVOLVED with the movement doing the alleged criminal activity?

For the love of Pete, Stranahan's logic is so warped and flat out dumb that he'd have to say that when that maniac killed the kids in Pennsylvania it was "Amish-related.

Like, seriously, gtfo."

"This whole thing makes a mockery of reasoning and is an insult to sexual assault victims.

"Related" is now repeatedly used as an excuse when previously it was used to condemn. Disgusting. The broadest definitions used to attach serious alleged crimes to a movement as if that group somehow isn't completely aware of, against, and actively preventing such activities. This is the foulest of narratives."


"The idea, pushed for months by these shameful websites, that the Occupy movement is somehow endorsing, advocating, oblivious to, or covering up alleged criminal activity has now been totally debunked. (Anyone could see it was complete bull from the start) Yet, instead of apologizing for this nonsense Lee Stranahan has taken all of an hour or so since Olbermann's piece to do some of his crack research to try to reinforce his shabby reporting (ie. narrative manufacturing).

Breitbart's bizarre and maniacal display at CPAC has at least served to draw attention to the lies he's been spreading about the Occupy movement.

Now he can go get some help."

"Wow, I was shocked to learn that all of the alleged sexual assaults were committed against Occupy protesters by outside individuals. We shouldn't be blaming the victims. Shame on Big Journalism. Shame on Dana Loesch. Shame on Andrew Breitbart. Shame on, whoever wrote this "debunking" article. Never heard of him before. Thank you Keith for setting the record straight.

You Breitbart people should feel really stupid right now. Keith destroyed you. Now, stop mass murdering people like you guys did in Seal Beach. One of your Tea Party psychos went on a killing spree and none of you have condemned that slaughter of human beings by a Teabagger. Shame on all of you for condoning mass murder!"

Another: Which is the most disturbing from the Breitbart asylum:
"For those still in doubt as to the nefarious nature of the Breitbart crew's despicable guilt by association attacks on the Occupy movement let me remind you of the time they attributed a murder to Occupy that actually occurred miles away and had nothing to do with it.
This disgrace was NOT retracted and is a perfect example of how the Breitbart people choose to "report" on incidents that might (if they manipulate them enough) fit their over-arching storyline. Just like the alleged sexual crimes used in Stranahan's list.
Personally speaking, it's rare to see so many on this exclusive one sided/lop sided blog to have so many pointing out the obvious - that Breitbart and it's truthful fact finding bloggers (sarcastic) are providing CPR to the much needed faint heart beat of the teabagger society.

If you have posted in opposition at the "Bigs" site you get red warning flags like below, like its a bad thing. The red flags on Stranahan's post was larger than most, that is if not edited for content!

At our horseshoe meeting this am we where thinking, maybe, just maybe this blogger should stick to his "world renown photography training", for supporting Breitbart doesn't appear to be working so well for him!

Speaking of support, the numbers that despise and debunk Breitbart are a plethora, yet the only supporters in Andy's corner are Breitbart's "Big" gang, which at he end of the day, is both laughable and sad. But then again, liar, troglodyte, video manipulator, and teabagger are a cocktail that most sane American's will stay away from.

Ranting "rape", "freak" [whether on crack, the sauce, or sober] and other incendiary language for a "stunt" is disgusting! But this is the Breitbart we've come to know and love.

Breitbart's loathsome actions are sick enough, supporting his repugnant afterbirth is something straight out of Wikipedia's definition of Aleister Crowley!

How apropos, while visiting Breitbart's site I notice my anti-virus software "warning" me the "this site has potential dangerous and suspicious content"! I freaking love it, even McAfee knows slimy bullshit when they see it!
"this site has potential dangerous and suspicious content"

Roger West