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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hasselbeck "Footwear Designer" Now Fox News Subject Matter Expert 

New Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Tuesday suggested that “the left” was trying to make Monday’s mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard about “gun control,” when what the country really needed was a registry to track video game purchases.
“You know, certainly, this topic has already taken a turn again, the left’s already making this about gun control,” Hasselbeck said.
Co-host Steve Doocy noted that 34-year-old Aaron Alexis was thought to have taken a shotgun onto the Navy Yard and then possibly used it to acquire a handgun and an AR-15 assault rifle from someone at the facility.
“Is this about gun control or is this about a guy who has a history of drinking a lot, playing video games a lot and a few shooting incidents?” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked.
“One thing that happens often in a situation as tragic as this is we start to spread blame where it possibly doesn't belong, right?” Hasselbeck remarked. “I think we all know where the blame truly belongs, and that would be right in Alexis’ hands.”
“But you talk about this guy’s background, as we look into it,” Kilmeade continued. “He’s got a friend, who said, ‘Yeah, he had an obsession with video games, shooting video games. In fact, he would come over and he would be playing so long — these video games, these shooting games — we’d have to give him dinner, we’d have to feed him while he continued to stay on them.’”
“Are more people susceptible to playing video games?” Hasselbeck wondered. “Is there a link between a certain age group or [demographic] in 20- to 34-year-old men, perhaps, that are playing these video games and their violent actions?”
“What about frequency testing?” she added. “How often has this game been played? I’m not one to get in there and say, monitor everything, but if this, indeed, is a strong link, right, to mass killings then why aren't we looking at frequency of purchases per person? And also, how often they’re playing and maybe they time out after a certain hour.”
“You go to your room!” Doocy quipped.

If this wasn't so tragic id be laughing my ass off. Ignorance can be forgivable, taking pride in it cannot. I would tell Ms. Hasselbeck that its "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

The meme of the Guns Over People - anything to deflect the reality that more guns equals more murders, and its the ease of access to WMD's, not video games that are the culprit for mass murder shootings.The facts are, a "lone good guy with a gun" has never once in the history of mass murder ever stopped that individual from mass murder.

An argument could be made that there's been a significant increase in the number of mass shootings since the launching of the Fox News Channel. Is there a link between Fox News and gun violence? Perhaps instead of monitoring video game players, we should monitor Fox News viewers.

If ever there was an argument for smacking idiots in the head with a brick when they spread their stupidity........It's not the hours spent playing video games that is the problem, it's the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the NRA glorifying, protecting, and perpetuating the gun culture in this country.

NFTOS Editor-In-Chief Roger West was asked during a debate this week, "How about parents not buying those games for their children?":
"How about not letting kids smoke, drink, watch sexual content movies, watch violent movies. I am sorry, this instance, nor the thirty other mass shootings had little or nothing to do with playing games! Why do we placate other non-related bullshit into the calculus of gun violence? Columbine was done prior to FPS games, what's the excuse for that one? Kids watching Wiley Coyote trying to kill the road runner with Acme products?
Blame the source, and that source is the preponderance and overwhelming thunder of the Gun drums! Nothing else, to suggest anything else, only continues to fuel the fire of mass shootings - which also spreads the ignorance of the issue at hand - and this issue is enacting laws which restricts "the so called responsible" gun huggers from getting weapons with the intent of killing the masses."

Elizabeth Hasslebeck is a perfect match for Fox & Friends News, dumber than a box rocks and full of more shit than Christmas turkey. Maybe because Hasselbeck just showed up on the  Fox & Friends set- that she is just trying to earn her stripes as Fox News's bullshit artist extraordinaire.

Maybe the best solution is that we start registering, arresting and incarcerating the Galactally Stupid?

Roger West