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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

‘What on Earth Were They Thinking?’


Rachel Maddow tore in to Senate Democrats on Tuesday for voting down the Keystone Pipeline (or Keystone XL), a Republican energy plan.

Maddow couldn’t believe that Democrats would use what little time they have left as the majority party to waste time on Keystone when Republicans will simply pass it in January anyway.

She believed that Democrats made the decision to vote in order to try and save Senator Mary Landrieu’s job.

Landrieu wanted the Pipeline and she’s coming up on a runoff that she is expected to lose against the man who helped sponsor the Keystone XL bill that passed a House of Representatives vote earlier this week.
“What on earth were they thinking,” an exasperated Rachel Maddow asked, “spending their time doing this? How is this even, conceivably, by any stretch of the imagination, a constructive use of time by Democrats?”
Maddow said that the “most frustrating of all” was that “the Democrats will hold a vote on this issue right away, but want to wait a while to hold a vote on confirming Loretta Lynch as the new attorney general.”
“If they’re honestly not worried about Republicans confirming her, I would love some of what they’re smoking,” Maddow said, adding “Democrats, you are amazing… You are astonishing. Now roll over and play dead.”
Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

Its a rare day when Rachel cuts into liberals so harshly, but often when you're screwing up - it is then when you are in need of a severe ass chewing.

Roger West