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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Rachel Maddow opened her show last night taking on the conspiracy theories coming out of the woodwork to claim the Boston Marathon bombing was an inside job by the U.S. government designed to strip Americans of their liberties. Ordinarily fringe conspiracists wouldn't be worth giving credence to, but Maddow noticed how the conspiracies and those pushing the conspiracies are being embraced by elements of conservative media, including one of the most influential sites on the internet. Maddow argued that influential conservative media now are just abandoning all pretense and “full-on embracing the conspiracy theorists.”


Maddow brought up the false flag, government destruction theories being pushed by InfoWars and its star figure, Alex Jones. You remember Alex Jones, the crazy guy who went ballistic on Piers Morgan? Well, he’s been out in full force again, but this time it’s coupled with an endorsement by none other than Matt Drudge.

Let it be clear readers, the asshat named Drudge; as Maddow says, "Drudge isn't just some fringe guy, he’s in charge of perhaps the most influential conservative website on the internet."

With regards to Alex Jones, he is clearly off his rocker, having written about this douche bag numerous times, he is the guy who bashes his country in one breath and in the next is the first when in a situation - to have his testicle tucked under his posterior hiding behind the government he despise so much. [See Maddow's clip of Jones touting a bizarre NASA conspiracy involving multitudes of dead astronauts.]

But the madness is not just limited to Jones, and Maddow showed off the ramblings of one teapublican New Hampshire state representative who posted a link to Jones’ conspiracy on Glenn Beck‘s Facebook page. This is an elected official who thinks it’s worth asking if the government bombed Boston.

Glenn Beckistan is barely a step up from Alex Jones, and Faux News -  just a tick mark above Beckistan,  all of their fans are the same sort of preppers and doomers - the unlettered dimwits that we all have come to know and love and see on Faux News on a daily basis.

If this wasn't enough, four teapublican congressmen wrote a letter to Homeland Security to request they investigate what basically amounts to another conspiracy theory. The American Taliban [GOP] has always coddled this ideal, but now it’s slowly seeping into more mainstream outlets. The American Taliban embraces conspiracy theories like a crack head does crack.

Faux News is no angel in this process, and while I wish I could say they have taken the right-wing nut jobs to a new low - but we need to realize that nothing is beneath these unlettered sociopaths, nor is there anything beyond their pale.

Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck and Fox News, you are today's asshats of the day.

Roger West