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Wednesday, February 4, 2015



According to a conservative asshat in Utah, there is a loophole in rape cases if she or he is unconscious during sex.


A bill in the Utah legislature would clarify the state’s rape statute by making clear that a person who is unconscious cannot give their consent. According to local prosecutors and advocates, the ambiguity is making it difficult to pursue some rape cases and may be discouraging women from coming forward.

As the bill was considered by the Utah Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Representative Brian Greene voiced his concerns. He wasn’t sure that having sex with an unconscious person should always count as rape. Green said the sex with an unconscious person seemed like rape to him in a “first date scenario” but questioned having a bright line rule for married couples or other individuals with a prior relationship.


Greene clarified for the committee that he was “not at all trying to justify sexual activity with an unconscious person.”

Greene was not alone in his concerns. Representative LaVar Christensen said always counting sex with an unconscious person as rape would make the definition too “broad.”

Ultimately, however, Green and Christensen overcame their misgivings. The bill passed the committee unanimously and moves to the full house.

I wonder if robbing an unconscious person in Utah is acceptable? Utah, the state where men are men, and the sheep run scared.

Brian Greene, congratulations numbnutz, you are today’s asshat of the day.

Roger West