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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Faux News caught up with Dick Cheney this past weekend at the Safari Club International convention for gun owners and manufacturers to find out what the former vice president had to say about the gun safety debate going on in Washington and across the country.

The former vice president, a staunch NRA ally, didn’t deviate significantly from the pro-gun talking points we’ve been hearing. He extolled the virtues of more guns in the classroom by way of armed officers, saying that approach was “probably a more effective deterrent than anything that Congress seems to be debating at the present time.”

Cheney’s own firearms mishap didn’t make it into the conversation.

Remember readers "Dick" made headlines in 2006 when he shot a friend in the face while quail hunting. The accidental injury made Cheney the first vice president since Aaron Burr to shoot someone. (Burr killed his political rival Alexander Hamilton in a duel. He was eventually tried for treason for unrelated reasons.)


Taking any advice from this troglodyte is scary at best, but gun safety from Cheney, is like taking advice from Adolf Hitler on how to get to heaven.

The cardinal rule of hunting could not be more simple: Don't shoot the people (or the dogs)! Considering Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse, one would think he would want to reflect back on his life - and try not to give advice where he has been truly off the mark - pun intended. Except this is Dick Cheney we’re talking about, a man who has never done anything wrong, a man with no moral compass of his own. Dick Cheney shooting sportsman? - this would be my nomination for oxymoron of the Year.


Cheney tries to invoke real fear in the hearts of many - to include his friends. Understand readers that the guy Dick shot [Harry Whittington] - well he apologized to Cheney for getting in the way of the shot [seriously]! Why do I always hear the Darth Vader theme every time I hear Dick Cheney's name?


Dick, when leaving the Vice Presidency had a whopping 13% approval rating, so why Faux News is seeking this mans advice on gun control? Birds of a feather flock together.

Many Americans loathe this man - Ken Layne of Wonkette speaking on the Dick:

First, it’s not going to be “justice” when Dick Cheney finally drops dead. He’s an old man, a sick & diseased 69-year-old blob of bitter fat and gristle and plastic. If the poisonous toad had been run over by a manure truck about thirty years ago, that would’ve been evidence of the Great Cosmic Wheels of Justice at work, for if such forces existed, they would not be shackled by our puny concepts of time.

Most poisonous toads would find this association to Dick Cheney repulsive. When it comes to "Dick" I often wonder how in the hell does one have a heart attack when one doesn’t actually have a heart? I often wonder how much money the devil actually paid for that soul? I am always reminded of those scenes from the movie Ghost whenever I think of Cheney. You know the scenes, the bad guys die - waiting for the bright light to lead him to the hereafter - and then those nasty shadowy people start coming for him.


Seriously readers, when this heartless bastard becomes your moral compass on anything - you lose your stance on being considered an intelligent life form! As long as Dick Cheney is stealing oxygen - he shall always remain the slime from the bottom of the cesspool.

Roger West