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Sunday, June 9, 2013



When Republicans win, they create spy programs. When they lose, they complain about them:

Spying on Citizens is something that happens in our world, whether it be the NSA, Facebook or Google. It happens, its a unfortunate sign of a world where terror exists.

We are spied on daily by Facebook, how in the hell do you think those ads on the right side of your news feed page pop up with things you "like" and websites you've visited?

Go ahead, click over to your Facebook window that you currently have open. How does Facebook know you like Taco Bell enough to give you six ads for the new Cheezy Beefy Explosion Burrito every day? Why do you think you get random spam texts from get-rich-quick schemes on your cell phone? In fact, take the thinking one step further — Verizon (and every other cell phone company) has been selling your personal information a lot longer than the NSA has been gathering it.

We accept spying and prying into our personal lives more than we care to admit; every phone has GPS capabilities that could make tracking us down as easy as logging into a website and clicking a button. Anyone hyperventilating over this is being completely disingenuous?

My problem with this spying, is not the spying, its the sanctimonious American Taliban -er - once again suffering from "Bushnesia". Where was all this righteous fury and indignation when the Patriot Act was being drafted? When G.W. Bush's administration was creating the Department of Homeland Security? If information privacy is such a concern, why not get upset over the profiteering of our privacy as opposed to the government? Corporations have vast data warehouses - data mining your information just as much, if no more so than the NSA. How do you think it’s possible for Target to spit out coupons for diapers and formula every time a young couple goes shopping for the essentials there?

We live in the most technologically advanced era of our species’ existence. Data therefore is valuable more than perhaps anything else. Data is information, and information is power. Within the last few years, this data mining program was used to stop terrorists attack in these United States.

We live in a world where McDonald's, Walmart, Pizza Hut and WAWA gather as much personal data on you as the NSA - just so they can maximize their profit margins. Should we really be that upset when our own government is found to be behaving in the same way? - where the only difference is - the Government is protecting you from death, not selling you the sandwich of the week.

Like Benghazi, like the IRS, and now the NSA, all of these happened on G.W. Bush's watch with nary a peep, bitch or moan. If you going to hate you some U.S. Government, at least be f*cking consistent with your hating!

Roger West