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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Discussion on CNN with regards to tightening polls yesterday quickly turned into laughter after Clownstick nutter Kayleigh McEnany got extremely carried away by suggesting Trump was headed for a landslide.

Addressing Clownstick’s day while Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is taking a few days off, McEnany lauded the GOP candidate for staying on message.
“He has stayed on message consistently,” she remarked. “That’s why he’s leading in Florida not only in one poll, two polls, but the three latest polls, all reputable polls. He’s leading in Ohio by two polls by four points. He’s within five points in Pennsylvania and Michigan.”


It was at this point when the Trump spokesperson went a bit too far.
“This is momentum that could develop into a landslide,” she insisted as one panel member could be heard laughing.
“He’s not just tightening the race, he’s opening up gaps now, ” she continued, before addressing former Bernie Sanders strategist Jonathan Tasini, “I know John thinks it’s anyone’s to dig in there–” as the rest of the panel could be heard joining the laughter.
Tasini was then seen shaking head saying, “Momentum into a landslide? I mean…” before dissolving into more laughter.

Whatever credibility McEnany may have had prior to coming on CNN - is truly ebbing away with each visit she makes. Can this woman possibly this stupid, or is it more reality TV, Clownstick style?

Roger West