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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Proof Is In The Pudding


Many have been wondering just how smart/stupid George Zimmerman is. NFTOS has been leaning towards “stupid” but it’s been officially confirmed: the man is an idiot. He has to convince a jury that he didn’t follow Trayvon Martin because of his color and that he only had the best interest of the community at heart not that he was a trigger happy racist douchebag (“douchebag” is a very technical term in legalese).

That’s all done with now. In a move that can only be called “suicide by social media,” Zimmerman has neglected to delete his MySpace account and left a clear view into the personality of this “upstanding citizen.”

At the time of print his site was still up. By the way, if you doubt the profile is real, the Miami Herald reports that Zimmerman’s lawyer has confirmed it is.



‘I Assumed’ He Meant It When He Said He Wouldn’t Get Bin Laden

Mitt Romney and his allies have been attacking President Obama for his campaign’s recent video ad, highlighting both his decision to order the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and Romney’s statement in 2007 that he would not have taken similar action given the chance. Romney now says he would have done the same as Obama. “Of course [I would have]. Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order,” Romney said today.

A reporter asked Obama about the criticism and Romney’s newest statement today during a White House press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. While Obama said it’s “entirely appropriate” to “remember what we as a country accomplished” in getting bin Laden, the President advised that people look at what Romney said in 2007 and ask him why he now says something different:

OBAMA: As far as my personal role and what other folks would do, I just recommend that everybody take a look at people’s previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into Pakistan and take out bin Laden. I assumed that people meant what they said when they said it, that’s been at least my practice. I said that we’d go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him and I did. If there are others who have said one thing and now suggested they’d do something else, then I’d go ahead and let them explain it.

Then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates — a Republican and a holdover from the Bush administration — said last year Obama’s decision to get bin Laden was a “gutsy call,” adding, “This is one of the most courageous calls — decisions — that I think I’ve ever seen a president make.”