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Thursday, October 14, 2010


(The above video displays a tea bag society.)

In yet another surprise (not), NFTOS discloses that Sarah Palin advisers prepped Christine O'Donnell for debate, and yet Christine O'Donnell still had a rocky time at her Delaware Senate debate with Dem Chris Coons last night. She wouldn't say whether she believe in evolution, described Coons as a Marxist, and appeared to stumble very badly over her answer on discretionary funding.

If O'Donnell did succeed she has two people to thank for that, and they're both Sarah Palin advisers: Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb. They were the ones who took on the job of prepping O'Donnell for the debate.

In a phone conversation between the two Palin, recommended the two men to O'Donnell, and the O'Donnell campaign reached out to them to enlist their help.

O'Donnell botched her answer on Afghanistan, when she said that "we were fighting the Soviets over there in Afghanistan in the '80s and '90s" and that "we did not finish the job."

To suggest that "we were there fighting the Soviets", and that this might be fundamentally true is asinine at best. The chicken-hawk advisers define war and justify her answer as "The CIA was in Afghanistan. We were arming, equipping, training."

What a feat that this must have been to "train" the morphed Palin into what we see in current O'Donnell. But advisor Goldfarb insists that wasn't the case at all: "She's extremely impressive -- she's not a career politician." No Einstein, she certainly isn't!
This is why she isn't Senate material.

The solidifier to why Palin wannabe O'Donnell isn't senate material was best played out when debating last night, when the 41 year old virgin O'Donnell was unable to name a single recent Supreme Court decision she disagreed with during a televised debate with her Democratic rival. This shall go down in annuls of 'duh' moments as in 2008, Mrs. Palin, then the Republican vice-presidential candidate, was embarrassed during a television interview with Katie Couric when asked the very question her protégé was regarding Supreme Court cases they opposed. WTF! What kind of advisor fails to prepare the candidate for what has to be and should have been the first question proposed to O'Donnell via the moderators. Thank GOD Palin didn't win her bid with McCain for the Executive branch as these Einstein's would have been advising Palin on more serious matters like usage of key codes for nuclear weaponry!

There are many things about O'Donnell that makes our skin cringe when it comes to her being in the senate. Her inability to maintain her own affairs, her thoughts on "comedy TV", and her lack of honesty regarding the plethora of issues like using campaign funds for rent, and what universities she has really attended.

Being that O'Donnell is double down deems she has a snowballs chance in hell in gaining the seat, but should the frozen ball get to hell, those whom did vote for her should be held accountable when she fails to meet the bare minimums of what the office requires when in the office

Remember readers when Wolf Blitzer (name kills us) pressed O'Donnell on statements that she believes evolution is a "myth," her response was, "What I believe is irrelevant,". HUH?!?! Never a more truer statement Chrissy, and we at NFTOS couldn't have said it better.