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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


But is the alternative any better? Probably not. While I am ecstatic that this pompous ass has been kicked to the curb, is the tin foil hat society member who wants to replace at better path?

Since the news broke, conservatives have been frothing at the mouth, eating their own, infighting over the shocking news that Cantor is to be….no more.

This feat, of dethroning a Majority Whip, it hasn’t happened in over 115 years.

Eric Cantor did not fall asleep at the wheel. He spent around $5 million. He ran lots of TV ads. He knew this was going to be a close one. He campaigned, and yet he still got his ass handed to him.

And here’s the other thing: Cantor was not an enemy of the Tea Party. He was in fact the Tea Party’s guy golden boy in the leadership for much of the Barack Obama era. He carried this vile tea into the speaker’s office, and yet he still got his ass handed to him.

While many will say Cantor’s demise was immigration reform, and while the tin foil hat society member, David Brat ran solely on this platform, this was the tea bagger saying, we are still here and a force to be reckoned with. This was agenda twenty one, anti-science, anti-government statement.

This will be a huge disruption to the narrative of the Republican establishment, which thought it would take control this year. No so fast Mr. NECON.

This win for Mr. Brat has far more reaching effects, as no real conservative shall ever step over the line and compromise with POTUS. The House GOP wasn’t exactly ready to start cutting deals with Obama even with Cantor in the leadership. Now that he’s been beaten by a tin foil hat society member, a true right-winger…no one, not a single Republican in the House will take a chance on anything. The legislative process, already shut down, will only be more so.

For Virginia and the country, this situation is a lose-lose all the way around. Yes, Cantor is a condescending putz, but I fear that this Brat character, could be a continuum of things to come.

Democrats said it was clear Cantor's loss proved the Tea Party had won its battle with establishment Republicans.
"Tonight's result in Virginia settles the debate once and for all — the Tea Party has taken control of the Republican Party. Period," Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement.
"When Eric Cantor, who time and again has blocked common sense legislation to grow the middle class, can't earn the Republican nomination, its clear the GOP has redefined 'far right.' Democrats on the other hand have nominated a mainstream candidate who will proudly represent this district and I look forward to his victory in November."

While the mid-term elections are still a few months away, I am not sure that its time to push the panic button yet.

Only after Cantor conceded did the fun really begin:

So, another instance where we sit back, grab out favorite soda pop, pop some popcorn and watch the circus.

Roger West