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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


While the House is scheduled to reelect Rep. John Boehner to Speaker on Tuesday, the vote may not go as smoothly as expected. Rep. Louie Gohmert , one of a number of Republicans displeased with Boehner’s leadership, announced on Fox News Sunday that he would challenge the standing speaker for his role.

In an interview with Glenn Beck on Monday morning, Gohmert outlined changes he would make in Congress if he were to serve as speaker of the House. In additional to removing the current “dictatorship in Congress,” and calling for abolishing at least two-thirds of regulations, he said he would defund “everything that means anything” to Obama until the border is secured.
“We secure the border and we make it clear to the president, yes we know we need immigration reform but we’re not changing anything until you secure the border and here’s the money to do it,” the tea party representative said. “We’re defunding all of these things until you secure the border.”

Listen here:

He also called for fiscal changes including throwing out the current tax code and ending automatic increases to federal agencies’ budgets.

In the interview, Gohmert touched on government surveillance, saying Congress should “stop the government spying on American people” and said that the government’s energy policies should not provide subsidies for any particular types of energy. “Let’s let the market tell us which energy to use,” he said.

Gohmert’s announcement came a day after conservative Rep. Ted Yoho  said on Facebook that he would throw his name into the pool of representatives challenging Boehner for the Speaker role. A number of representatives have said they would not support Boehner’s reelection, including Reps. Steve King , Paul Gosar and Jim Bridenstine , while a few freshman House members ran campaigns in which they promised to stand up to Boehner if elected.

The GOP circus needs to add another tent for the ever growing population of the assclown club. The usual three-ring circus tent is just not large enough.

Roger West