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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clean Up Isle Four

Iowa vet calls Newt Gingrich a ‘F**cking A**hole’ during grocery store appearance.

With the Iowa caucus just two weeks away, tensions are running high. During a campaign appearance at a grocery store yesterday, on-again, off-again GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich was approached by a seemingly innocuous supporter, who instead turned out to be something of a pretty vocal critic. The grinning man got Gingrich’s attention with “You know something?” before following with “you’re a f*cking a**hole.”

It’s safe to say that Gingrich brings out the passionate side of voters, let alone Iowans. During a visit to the Hawkeye State back in May, the former House Speaker was similarly approached by an angry Iowa voter, who told Gingrich that he was “an embarrassment to our party.

In both instances Mr. Gingrich handled the confrontation with aplomb, in the most recent instance responding to his vocal critic with a familiar playground retort of “it’s a free country.” It’s unclear if Gingrich was referring to the man’s right to free speech, or his own right to be a f**king a**hole.

Fortunately for the U.S. viewing public, a camera situated just behind Gingrich’s sizable cranium captured the entire exchange, which CNN promptly broadcast on The Situation Room yesterday in a report filed by Jim Acosta that focused on Gingrich’s recent challenges in Iowa. In the event that any viewers missed the opening clip, Wolf Blitzer went back to Acosta, asking him to repeat what the angry vet had said. Watching Acosta stumble with an appropriate explanation is almost as entertaining as the source material.

See it here:

It's something about teapublicans that brings out the worst in Americans. Newt just has a better knack at it. It's time they learn that this ("its my way or the highway") mentality will not be tolerated. The ideology of "add that one extra straw to break the middle classes back" has to stop. The comprehension that allowing the rich to get richer on the heels of the worker poor is wrong, and this vet got it right. But this radical weltanschauung has to be classified for what it is. A retired senator called it correctly this morning on MSNBC's Jansing and Co.

Alan Cranston called the latest tactics of the teapublicans "bullshit". This is the sentiment of 70% of Americans.

Until John Boehner can control his radical far rightwing-nuts, until he un-tucks his testis from his buttocks - Americans can only expect status quo from the extreme far right -
ir-regaurdless of whether it's a POTUS candidate or speaker of the house.

Eye-of Newt will run his course, and he too shall fade exponentially quicker than sack of potatoes falling from the Empire State Building. What a wonderful resounding thud that shall be!