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Thursday, September 25, 2014



Step aside Sarah Palin, move over Michelle Bachman, there is a not so new idiot in town - amongst the ranks of the Tin Foil Hat Society, that is seeking top billing of queen idiot of the Galactically Stupid!

Now enters Tennessee congresswoman Marsha Blackburn [(R),Tea Bagger] . Once you get passed the annoying chalk screeching southern drawl - once you get passed the minutia of this GOP talking head - once Blackburn is queried aggressively on military tactics, you find that while waving your hand in front of the window that is Marsha Blackburn - That Blackburn is a shill that perfectly personifies stupidity and a blind allegiance to the Koch whores.

Blackburn, in typical tea bagger fashion, when pressed hard on an issue, deflects and never gives you a straight answer.


It's hard to believe, that any American in today's world, would they actually go to the polls to cast a vote for someone who is so obviously uninformed and pre-programmed as this bullshit artist - but sadly it happens millions of times each election cycle.

It looks like we're truly screwed if this sort of thing can happen on such a regular basis.


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Blackburn is a by product of the Koch whores [David and Charles]. Blackburn's response to CNN's Banfield's pressing query is typical Blackburn, Southern aristocrat with equal parts of condescension and incredulity with the intent to - "when you can't dazzle with brilliance, baffle with bullshit".

Marsha Blackburn has been emitting high quality stupid for some time. Blackburn is yet another elected congressperson who is totally incapable - inept of showing any leadership skill sets whatsoever - or having a cognizant thought process of her own.

Republicans are outraged that CNN and Banfield could attack their "Southern Belle" with such tough direct questions regarding such real matters as troops on the ground fighting their wars. To all the outraged tea baggers, CNN deeply regrets this sudden and unforeseen outbreak of journalism and assures the public that this shall never happen again. [Snark]

A tip for Ms. Blackburn, when you are clueless on such matters, that it is "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".

Marsha Blackburn, you are the worlds tool of the day. Congratulations!

Roger West