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Thursday, June 5, 2014



Oliver North, America's greatest congressional liar is complaining about Obama using tax free dollars to fund the POW exchange of Bowe Bergdahl. Yes, Mr. Iran-Contra has the stones to question another about shoddy, illegal funding forPOW exchanges.

If anyone is an expert at giving tax free funds to terrorists [via selling arms to Iran while funneling the resulting cash to administration-backed guerrillas in Central America and then lying outright to Congress] its Oliver North.

Of all asshats to pull this stunt - the gall and chutzpah of this NEOCON is extremely bold, considering his own actions. In fact, its Ollie's own history that makes his comments so rich.

Below Jon Stewart took to taking Mr. Iran-Contra to the woodshed for a liberal verbal ass whipping.

Me thinks that fiction and irony are going to be buried next to each other.

Congratulations Mr. Iran-Contra, you have been assigned today's worst person in the world.

Roger West