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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Tara Lynn Belcher told police she had just been fired from her job after arguing with and calling customers racial slurs, but a video shot the same day shows she didn’t learn from the experience. Belcher was caught on camera going off on a racist rant in a second, violent incident that led to her arrest.

According to police, Belcher, 28, of Myrtle Beach, was walking to catch a cab after being sacked when an African American man started walking alongside her, asking her questions and filming her with the intention of posting the video online, reported. The video is now on YouTube and has nearly 430,000 views.

The video, posted May 25, starts with the man holding the camera on Belcher and saying, “But you called that man a n**ger for no reason,” to which Belcher responds, “Fuck you. Because he’s a n**ger.”

She then launches into a racial slur-laden rant.

“I call people n**gers if they act like n***ers,” she says into the camera, then to someone on her cell phone she says, “Yeah this filthy n***er is filming me so you need to hurry up.”


She told police the man spit on her, punched her and stole her cell phone.

But the video reveals it’s Belcher who spit in the man’s face. He recoils and slaps her in response. The two then scuffle with each other. Police did not find her cell phone on him.

According to a police report obtained by MyHorryNews, Belcher grabbed the man’s dreadlocks and pulled “a bunch of hair” out of his head.

Belcher was arrested and charged with assault and battery and marijuana possession. She is currently free on $1,401 bond.

The man’s video was downloaded for use as evidence by police and then posted to social media.

According to Supreme Justice John Roberts, racism is dead. Ah, maybe not so much Einstein! 

[h/t the raw story]

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