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Saturday, March 10, 2012


A Must See Video - Explain to me again why you're a conservative.

I bet you thought this type of unlettered American died with the civil war? Many GOP'ers - like these Mississippians [Hillbilly, redneck, "South's Gonna Do IT Again Mentality"] express this ideology. This is why education is important, a mind is truly a terrible thing to waste, and if you believe not, keep watching the above video until it sinks in.

This should be your wake up call readers! This is the proof in the pudding, this is why its imperative for progressives to vote in the general election come November.


Teapublicans have a major gap within their own Party. They pretty much look like true troglodytes at this point.

They have their Nobles (Leadership) and their Peasants (The Base)

They continue to thrive on and embrace ignorance and the lack of education, because to them, an educated peasant is a dangerous one. Its hard to hand feed educated people lies to scare them into voting for them.

Then when they finally do get into office, they do everything to help their fellow noblemen, while continuing to suppress the lower class.

Roger West