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Sunday, July 21, 2013



In his first gubernatorial debate against Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (Talibangelical) admitted Saturday that his extreme anti-LGBT views have not changed. While reaffirming his extreme earlier comments about what he termed “the personal challenge of homosexuality,” he suggested that he would create an economically positive environment that would help LGBT Virginians.

McAuliffe repeatedly attacked the Cooch throughout the Virginia Bar Association debate in Hot Springs, VA for his record of demonizing science, women’s health, and LGBT people. Twice, McAuliffe noted that the Cooch had called LGBT Virginians “soulless” and “self-destructive” and that his attempts to rescind non-discrimination protections have hurt Virginia’s business climate.

The Cooch consistently ignored the attacks until moderator Judy Woodruff asked him directly about his previous comments. The Cooch responded briefly, saying, “My personal beliefs about the personal challenges of homosexuality haven’t changed.” He then said that as governor he would “create an environment” where economically every Virginian has opportunity.

In contrast, McAuliffe reaffirmed his support for marriage equality, promised to sign an executive order banning discrimination in employment, and said while Virginia’s constitutional ban and Republican legislature make it unlikely, he would sign a marriage equality law if it came to his desk.

The Cooch and the American Taliban should take a long look at themselves. If they did, they might just see that they themselves indeed are the “soulless” and “self-destructive” ones.

Delusional vile conservative voices claim to speak for a "god" - that they say brings hurricanes and earthquakes, illness and catastrophe upon this Country because of a love between two people of the same gender.

When will their "god" bring violence against, divorce, greed, murder, child abuse, promiscuity gossip, dishonesty, incest, theft, idol worship/capitalism, genocide, apathy, and the judging of others? Radical right wing bigotry is indicative of the hypocrisy of their religious thinking, and its failure to follow the true mission and teachings of Christ. Their obsession with sex is a sexual disease transmitted by ignorance itself - and in their attempt to force their beliefs on society with unconstitutional laws through the "purchased " power of politics - which has become their idol and single creed - has alienated the multitudes searching for truth, love and reconciliation in the Lords good news . Conservatives have brought shame upon the church. Love has been substituted with fear. Woe to those white washed tombs and broad of vipers with hearts like old wine skins ready to burst - and you fail to see the truth in Scripture just like the Pharisees, your eyes are veiled with bigotry, prejudice, self righteousness and superficial teachings and tradition.

The judgment by the Talibangelicals is meaningless, we each will stand before Oz, I mean God, and shall be judged for what we thought we did in his name. 

Under the Cooch, the Virginia state motto, "Virginia is for Lovers", shall have a disclaimer affixed under a Cooch rule - love in Virginia would be subject to approval by the Cooch.

Roger West