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Thursday, March 1, 2012


BREITBART DROPS DEAD (Andy pictured far right)

Andrew Breitbart drops dead. Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche

While I despised every moral fiber of the man named Andrew Breitbart, I never wished death on the radical teapublican.

Brietbart was a key promoter of the deceptively edited ACORN videos that were instrumental in shutting that organization down while denying any knowledge of the fabricated nature of the controversy.

Recently, Breitbart’s behavior had become erratic, leading to an widely publicized altercation with protesters in which he appeared drunk and disheveled. Brietbart had also recently been denied a motion to dismiss a civil suit brought against him by Shirley Sherrod. Sherrod, another victim of Breitbart’s penchant for misleading video edits, is suing Breitbart and two others for defamation.

I’ll admit, NFTOS has been very hard on Andrew Breitbart [and his half lettered band of bloggers], deservedly so. 43 is young to die, but the fact remains that Breitbart was not a nice man. His life’s mission was to destroy people, using whatever means, honest or not, possible.

If radical tea baggers are looking for the tear here, or the sympatric ear here - maybe just maybe, had Breitbart shown that amount of respect in the death of Ted Kennedy, then maybe -nah, wrong blogger for that story.

In 2009:
"Early this morning, news broke that Sen. Ted Kennedy had passed away after serving in the U.S. Senate for nearly 50 years. Soon after, conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart began a sustained assault on Kennedy’s memory, tweeting “Rest in Chappaquiddick.”

Over the course of the next three hours, Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherfucker,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,” wrote Breitbart in one tweet."
God has clearly delivered his disapproval of Mr. Breitbart. I fear his soul is doomed to eternal damnation, but that's just me. Realist must turn away from instigators like Brieibart, or we shall all probably share his fate at the rapture, or maybe as Bill Joel sang, "only the good die young"! Which ever the case, the radical teas lost their ruler and harbinger today.

Many of those on the right are already crying foul and "conspiracy theories" today. “It’s impossible,” they say, “for someone so young to die of natural causes.” Well, actually, it’s not. Just two weeks ago, Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent, Anthony Shadid, died of an asthma attack. Gilda Radner was 43 when she died of ovarian cancer. Conservative political strategist Lee Atwater, was just 40 when he died of brain cancer. Breitbart had a history of heart problems.

Many are calling Breitbart a "warrior" and "hero" - lets be clear readers, Breitbart was no hero! Heroes put their lives on the line for something they believe in - like dawning a uniform and standing a post beside a flag, protecting her from all foe, fighting for both Dems and GOP'ers, not just the radical ideology of those very right of center.

Breitbart destroyed people's lives for the sheer fun of it. And then acted like he was the victim when people called him out for being a horrible human being.

Yes, it is sad that he leaves behind four young children, and we all feel badly about that, but acting like this guy is any kind of hero is simply an insult to those whom really protect and defend our country. True "patriots" -  not asshats with tin foil wrapped too tightly around their heads.

Nobody deserves to die at such a young age, but I am simply not going to pretend that this guy was a contributing member of our society. He wasn't! He was a force of pure destruction, and GOD was watching.

I wonder if Dana Loesch would approve of urinating on the deceased Breitbart?

UPDATE: 21:01 3/1/2012

Post Script: Written many hours after original post.

As per scripture, I imagine Breitbart was judged, [by the ones whom truly
have the ultimate say, which is not any human]. I see St. Peter holding Breitbart up at the "Pearly Gates" saying; your creator and savior are here, and I have bad news for you Andy.

Upon hearing the news, Breitbart turns towards the beast [his master] and he slowly ebbs his way towards his home in eternity which is hell - he turns his slumped head to view over his shoulder - to hear all the angels, St. Peter, Christ and God chanting....."BEHAVE YOURSELF", "BEHAVE YOURSELF", "BEHAVE YOURSELF", "BEHAVE YOURSELF".


Roger West