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Saturday, February 25, 2012



This is what lawmakers in Virginia do when they get their asses handed to them in a handbag.

This video of Virginia state rep. Dave Albo joking about how his wife refused his overtures after seeing the contentious debate over that trans-vaginal ultrasound bill would be funny, except for the fact that it's kind of sick how light-hearted these conservative men are when discussing their efforts to punish and humiliate women seeking abortions in their state.

You're right {VA Representative} Dave Albo. Rape is hilarious. Its just so funny, legislate state mandated rape, and then joke about it!

My State lawmakers: a bunch of pasty white, racist, frat boys deciding what women can do with their bodies. Christ, this guy can't even say vagina

Maybe Albos' wife is just grossed out by his disgusting obese belly, pedantic intellect, and his belief that watching the Redskins and channel surfing is supposed to get her hot? She saw the "work" he had been doing and it just solidified what she was already thinking..."why did I marry this idiot"?

Like the Virginia "RAPE" bills, anti-miscegenation laws are really not about “morality” or “decency”, but about social order. They’re not about “personhood” but “humanity.” Sex, controlling other people’s private lives, dictating what they do with their bodies and controlling their “place” in society. The more “human” you perceive yourself to be Albo, the more you presume you have authority to tell others how to be and what to do.

And, like these laws, these bills are based on ignorance, entitlement and arrogance.

I am thinking, had Albo's mother been mandatorily subjected to a trans-vaginal ultrasound while she was pregnant with him, then perhaps she could have discovered way back then what most of the world recently discovered ... that he is an idiot of epic proportions!

New Rule: You need to be able to say the word "vagina" before you try to tell others what to do with it.

Roger West