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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Romney/Ryan Suffer From "Political Tourette's Syndrome"


Mitt Romney's 47% aren't who he wants you to think they are. Like most teapublicans, Mitt Romney wants you to believe they're single urban welfare moms with multiple children and no job, or unemployed slackers who refuse to work. But the truth -- the majority of the 47 percent are elderly Romney voters.

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Romney's draconian callousness goes against the American grain. Americans do not see themselves as victims, but as potential winners, even in rough times. Romney's contempt for the 47 percent violates a central tenet of the American dream: anyone can make it. Romney is saying that half the country can't make it, doesn't even want to make it, and are parasites on the rest. Asking for their vote would be like Satan asking God to become evil. WTF?

Romney is a cynical man with a cynical tone, different and yet more convincing than his usual magniloquent public speech. The best defense of it - morally - is that it was designed for an audience of super-rich donors who say these things all the time in private, listen to Rush Limbaugh, and needed to be ginned up. He is whatever he needs to be for each separate audience. He aims to please the listeners of that moment.

So there are two possible realities: this is the true Mitt Romney, a callous cynic with contempt for half the country, or that Mittens is a man so empty of human qualities he even has to fake cynicism.

Remember, Mitt Romney is an economic royalist to the core of his being. When he disdains the poor, it is with the regal wave of the high born dismissing peasants. He dines on silver, defecates on a golden toilet, and would assume the throne of US president as its rightful heir.

Keith Olbermann Addresses the Romney video:

Stephen Colbert depicting Mittens:

For the benefit of the factually challenged, nothing is more subtle than this condescending tea bagger telling 47% of the country that you're lazy and unwilling to work. Remember readers that the word "honest" as is important as the word "debate". The latter without the former is better known as "Political Tourette's Syndrome". This syndrome is a functionality of both Romney and Ryan.

It is in these last few weeks, self evident that the greatest threat to our nation is not terrorism, not the economy, nor the latest virus nor health care, no readers, the greatest threat to the United States is rank, willful stupidity! When did we come to extol stupidity ahead of factual information and rely on conspiracy theories, lies, and prejudice ahead of education? When did we start to elect the "impregnable" dense?

A house divided against itself cannot sustain itself, this country cannot endure, permanently half smart, and half stupid. The time has come to rise above self imposed ignorance, to rise up and take this country back to the sane again, make it safe for the people whom actually completed the seventh grade.

This country cannot survive the continued endorsement, the continued acceptance, the continued encouragement, the institutionalization, of stupidity.

President bush and his administration lied and lied often - by the counting of one non-profit group - 532 times did they lie about links between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Only 28 of those where G.W's lies, but he more than made up for that by lying 231 times about WMD.

Whether it's bold face lies or a contempt for 47 % of your countries humanity, its time to call a spade a spade. Mitten's and lyin Ryan's relentless attacks on women, African Americans, Hispanics, elderly, students, middle class has to end on November 6th, for if not the America you see now will sure cease to exist. Romney and Ryan suffer from "Political Tourette's Syndrome", lets not allow this disease to enter to coveted offices of the White House and Vice Presidency.

Roger West