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Wednesday, November 5, 2014



It's official, America has the highest moron per capita quota in the world.

Maybe we need to issue an Amber Alert for common sense. Either the voters from last night suffer from short term memory loss [tea baggers willfully and happily shutting down the government] or they are just as mentioned above, moronic.

This mid-term elections we had:
A North Carolina man who hid abortion restrictions in a bill on motorcycle safety - has just been elected to the United States Senate.
Arkansas voters, who just sent anti-minimum wage Republican to the Senate last night, also last night passed a minimum wage hike measure by 2-to-1 margin.
See what I am getting at here readers?

The facts are, Democrats lost the mid-terms because of one thing, they are lazy voters. Republicans are low information voters, but at least they vote.


Given that the American people just rewarded the Tea Party - the party of hate, misogyny, intolerance, the Koch Brothers and "God" with even more power to tank our nation even further, how long will it be before they impeach the President?

There are a plethora of problems with elections circa 2014, the most disturbing - the hardest to digest for this blogger is when less than 40 percent of the electorate decides the fate of the majority. Utterly disgusting!

For us to get past rigged elections and low turnout we must address a few issues:

1. It should be a Government day off so all can vote without the threat of being fired

2. We should rid the country of Gerrymandering

3. Make voting a law [mandatory] via compulsory Voting.

4. Corporations and "dark money" have no place in politics. I don't give a shit how much money you make, I don't want you buying my politicians. [Koch Whores]

Brace yourselves, the next two years are going to be terrible for this country, but more exclusively for women and minorities. The big losers today are not the Democrats, but indeed poor people, minorities and basically everything non-pasty white.

Yesterday, for those who voted, they in essence rejected the Obama agenda, jobs, healthcare, women's rights, equality and environmental favor of war and pollution.

Hopefully this ass kicking wakes Liberals the fuck up! When you don't vote, assholes win.

You "liberal patriots", "American Citizens" have a "civil duty", and that's to fuckinig vote. For if you don't, may you wallow in your own self induced misery.

Dear World: If you're just waking up, a minority of the US electorate just restored Congress to the 1700's.

Roger West