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Friday, May 24, 2013



Yes Virginia, something is rotten in your politics.Virginia's GOP primary election opened the door to the lunatic fringe, a fringe so extreme - that women beware.

Just when you though the fruit basket was full, out comes the three amigos, Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Obenshain, and E.W. Jackson.

While the other two are just as off the reservation as Jackson, let's concentrate on NFTOS' "worst person in the world" for this entire week, AKA E.W. Jackson.

Saints be praised, E.W. Jackson is just amazing. Aficionados of the GOP's new move towards abject batshit insanity have found a new poster boy in inexplicable Virginia Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson:

E.W. Jackson is Allen West, but more prone to irrational fury. He's Louie Gohmert, but more incoherent. He's Steve King and Michele Bachmann, but with the hatefulness dialed up to eleven and a half. How the hell is it that the American Taliban just discovered this loon now? One would have thought they'd have shaken every tree in the conservative nut orchard by now, but no, this "Christian" seems to have been specially cloned in a American Taliban lunatic candidate vat.

If you were to put the dregs of conservative Internet comment sections into a pot, boil them down to their essence, then run the resulting product through a sieve to get it to its rawest, most pure form of vitriol, it would probably look something like E.W. Jackson’s Twitter feed.

Through much of President Obama’s first term, Jackson, who was nominated this past weekend as the Republican nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, used his Twitter feed to attack gays, Muslims, Obama, and even Michael Jackson.

Thinkprogess sifted through each of Jackson's 662 tweets, and here are Jackson’s 20 most vitriolic tweets (in no particular order):

"The President has proclaimed June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Month. Well that just makes me feel ikky all over. Yuk!" 8:34 AM - 3 Jun 2009

"If Bill Clinton was the "first black President," Barack Obama is the "first homosexual President," based on their respective affinities." 10:20 PM - 10 Oct 2009

"By allowing openb homosexuality, liberals have made clear that they are their own gods with their own morality." 11:24 PM - 19 Dec 2010

"This "Christian" Pres. believes homosexuality is right and the Bible is wrong. He thinks he's Pres. of Sodom & Gommorah! Or he'd like to be." 6:46 PM - 10 Oct 2009

"The homosexual movement is a cancer attacking vital organs of faith, family & military - repositories of traditional values." 12:25 PM - 12 Oct 2009

"Harvard endows first Gay, Les, Bisexual Transgendr Professorship. Named for Harvard Scholar who killed himself over Gay lover. What?" 11:50 PM - 3 Jun 2009

"Tony Perkins was disinvited as spkr at Andrews AFB because he opposed Obama promoting open homosexuality in the military. This the Gestapo?" 3:08 PM - 26 Feb 2010

"I am going to be at the Justice Dept. on Monday speaking at a press conference opposing the Hate Crimes Law as anti-Christian bigotry." 6:55 PM - 13 Nov 2009

"Did you know that Obama appointed 2 "devout Muslims" to the Homeland Security Department? Email me at I'll forward it." 10:53 AM - 17 Nov 2009

"Frank Gaffney - Washgtn Times - wrote an excellent article on Obama & Islam. "First Muslim President?" Chk it out." 6:27 PM - 13 Jun 2009

Vitriolic attacks on Obama and Democrats:
"I do not believe Obama is the anti-Christ. But "Christians" who follow Obama would probably follow the Anti-Christ. Are they Christians?" 4:52 PM - 27 Sep 2009

"I love America. I love God. I am black. Obama does not love America & does not love God. His being black is not enough!" 11:37 AM - 14 Oct 2009

"Admittedly, for anybody willing to face the truth, Obama's radical anti-American, anti-Christian ideology was apparent." 4:08 PM - 14 Jul 2009

"Are Obama & his admin anti-semitic? They bow & shake hands with every two bit dictator, but feel the need to come down on Israel?" 2:29 PM - 14 Mar 2010

"Scott Brown was sent by voters as the 41st vote against Obamacare. So Obama's Marxist brigade decided "no more Senate votes." Democracy?" 8:06 AM - 21 Mar 2010

"I don't like to name call, but you have to be a disloyal idiot to stand with a foriegn leader who condemning your own country and citizens." 7:39 AM - 21 May 2010

"Obama & comrades are totalitarianists. Their Unholy Alliance will destroy this country if we let them. Uprising in 2010 elections!" 7:36 AM - 20 Dec 2009

"Can we repeal the Demoncrats who are giving us economic, social & military degeneration? No. I guess we just have to cast them out at the ..." 11:11 PM - 19 Dec 2010

Climate denial: 
"Obama was apparently suppressing a report debunking the global warming hysteria. Transparency? Sure! Like an iron curtain." 7:30 PM - 29 Jun 2009

The death of Michael Jackson:
"When you worship a human as if he were God, you always end up with a dead god ala Michael Jackson." 5:35 PM - 27 Jun 2009

The first thing this Einstein should learn is, that every character you type on the internet,every site you visit - is a time stamp of your actions, and are always traceable to the owner.

Let's be clear fellow Virginian's, this "Christian" could be your next Lt. Governor! If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know my favorite quote: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Mahatma Gandhi

E.W. Jackson words reflect nothing of our Christ, nor of a true Christian.

The tea baggers have sent a clear concise message when they nominated "the Cooch", E.W. Jackson, and Mark Obenshain - extreme radical 1200 B.C. governing. Extremist come in many forms, hence the name the "American Taliban"- at a time when Virginia is on the cusp of moving this state forward, or moving it back to the 1950's - where jobs, education and transportation should be at the forefront - we get men who take umbrage to boobs on state seals and women's personal parts.

We need men and women who are going to lead with the intent that all Virginian's move forward, not just the radical American Taliban [can't use "pasty whiten men" in this instance]. We need governance where the ideology is aligned with the times, not ideals from centuries long ago.

To the "Cooch", Obenshain, and Jackson, I say thanks but no thanks!

Roger West