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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has made it no secret about his disdain for Fuckface Von Clownstick. In several YouTube videos, Fox has gone from disgust and contempt to logically refuting everything Trump has said on the stump, even challenging him to debate.

Tuesday, however, Netflix host Chelsea Handler asked him for an update on his seething hatred of the man who could become president of the United States.
“What he has proposed and the way he offends,” Fox said trailing off a little. “It’s incredible.”
Fox continued that he can’t believe that Trump is actually close to occupying the same chair as some of the greatest leaders the country has ever had.
“It’s incredible that this guy with the crazy hair could be sitting in that chair,” Fox continued. “And, I mean, talking about building a wall. The wall is built already and Americans paid for it. It has served no purpose at all.”
Fox instead encourages “other ways and means to use your mind, if [Trump] has one. You can use your intelligence, if he has one, and go a different route.”


While president, Fox said that he received visits from Sen. John McCain and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who worked with him on a bill for immigration reform for a week.
“It’s been sitting in Congress now for 10 years,” Fox said of the legislation that most believe will never pass the GOP-led House and Senate. “That bill has the solution to this problem, because I’m not for open borders, I think borders should have order.”
But order, Fox says, is not what Trump is proposing.

Roger West