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Saturday, June 22, 2013



Bill Maher has heard and mocked a lot of controversial American Taliban-er statements over the years, and yet he found this week's remarks by a Texas American Taliban-er - that fetuses can masturbate to be more ridiculous than anything The Onion could ever come up with. Maher asked that it is given that these right wing nut jobs try to one-up each other with shockingly ridiculous comments about rape and abortion and fetuses masturbating, what does it take in this day and age to actually embarrass the American Taliban?

VIDEO Courtesy of HBO:

In case you missed it, Michael Burgess, doing what he does best, and that is being an idiot!


Science finally has weighed in for the GOP, they actually get it, well, no, this is one of those instances where you truly say WTF, "now I've heard everything".

While I appreciate the fodder, I have learned way to much about the American Taliban's fascination with fetus masturbation, and never in this life did I dare imagine that I'd be blogging about the subject at hand.

Congratulations GOP, you folks truly do bring stupid to a new level, my hats off to you!

Roger West