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Saturday, October 11, 2014



Now, I am no big fan of Cenk Uygur by any stretch of the imagination, even though we are from the same town in N.J. But I do respect the man for being out front of the camera blasting away at not so useful idiots. It takes a big man [or woman] to bitch about your convictions to family and friends, it takes a bigger man to take it to either the internet or cable air waves where your audience is many.

In the below video, Uygur discusses radical religion, literal terminology of religion, and provides a "guess what religion" this is. Watch the below video and see if you can tell who Uygur is speaking of....that is before he discloses which book, the Qur'an or Bible.


It should be noted that Uygur was born and raised as a Sunni Muslim and is now a self proclaimed agnostic.

I have found since blogging, that very few if any Christians, have they truly read the bible from front to cover. Like most things in American Christianity - radical bible thumping Americans, its pick and choose religion, apply what's good for you, shit can the rest, much like the US constitution.

My analogy with regards to religion is as such - that its like a penis, its ok to have one, its ok to be proud of your religion, just don't flaunt it in public.

Don't get me wrong, and as I have said over 4 years of blogging, radicalism, whether it be the zealous ammosexual NRA gun hugger, your Southern bible belt thumping Baptist, your local radical tea bagger enthusiasts, or ISIS - they are all to be considered a danger to human beings as a whole.

With both radical religions coming to the forefront, are these religions, in their truest radical "literal' form, are they really any different from each other?

Interpretations are a problem with anything, whether it be religion, constitutions, or laws - they will always have a bad outcome when they are distorted.......not as the writer intended.

Roger West