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Friday, December 21, 2012


According to the National Gun Huggers ASS [NRA], guns don't kill people, Mortal Kombat kills people.! What a bunch of asshats, literally!

It's a special kind of tea bagger logic when the solution to stopping children from becoming victims of gun violence is to have them guarded by people with guns.

It's a special kind of tea bagger logic when the solution to stopping people from becoming victims of gun violence is to remove video games and movies which feature violence from circulation.

Other first world countries don't have guards at every school. They have the same movies and the same video games.

So, one would assume the NRA is saying that people who are deranged, evil, and possessed by voices and driven by demons....... are only found in America?

Kudos, Mr. LaPierre, you have proven yet again that The American Taliban is dumber than a box of rocks.

According to statistics from 2009-2010, there are approx 99,000 public schools in the nation. If you only hire one armed guard for each school, and you only pay them 30K a year in salary, that's three billion in salary costs alone. Not counting benefits and administrative costs, not counting the obvious need for more than one officer in most schools, and not taking into account that it's an unrealistic idea to begin with.


It was hard to tell at times whether Wayne LaPierre was serious or has become a spectacular performance artist, making a dramatic statement about the absurdity of the NRA's increasingly twisted worldview.

National Gun Huggers ASSociation [NRA] and Wayne LaPierre today's worst group/person in the world!

Roger West