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Saturday, September 13, 2014



And the flip a district winner is - Rep. John Kline of Minnesota.

Bill Maher closed his season premiere on Friday with a scathing takedown of incumbent Rep. John Kline (Tin Foil Hat Society Member from MN), calling on his viewers to help vote him out of office in November.
“More than anyone else we could find, he embodies the easily-swayed whores and sellouts who keep this town running,”
Maher said that unlike someone like Rep. Louie Gohmert (Tin Foil Hat Society Member from TX) — who Maher predicted would one day be “arrested naked masturbating in the street” — Kline is a “silent threat” voters do not see coming. He also predicted that Kline would dismiss his remarks since he’s part of the “Hollywood elite,” but that voters should realize the issue is not about him. “It’s about how Americans have had crummy, corrupt representation for so long they’ve just accepted these people hanging around,” he argued. “Except they don’t have to. They’re your representatives, not your relatives.”

Minnesotan's, wake the hell up and vote this numbmutz out. 

Roger West