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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Kate Bolduan laughed out loud in Tuesday’s pre-debate panel discussion, when Donald Trump surrogate André Bauer tried to claim that Trump actually pays millions in taxes.
“Number one, Donald Trump pays more in taxes in one year than most people pay in a lifetime,” Bauer claimed, before the panel erupted screaming foul. Trump should pay a lot in federal income tax, but he doesn’t. For most people, when you have a lot of money, you generally pay a larger percentage in taxes. If Trump only earned poverty wages, he would pay less in taxes. As it currently stands, Trump appears to pay little to nothing in federal income taxes if the forms are any indication.
“When people say he didn’t pay tax, that’s not true. He pays hundreds of millions of dollars,” Bauer continued.
“You think that issue is a winning argument?” Bolduan asked.
“Absolutely,” Bauer argued. “Number one, you say 22,000-plus people currently employed by Donald Trump. Over $9.5 billion in annual revenues. So there’s a lot of people that may say you say he’s not paying income taxes but I have a job because of him. Everybody has down years. For Hillary Clinton to talk about what kind of business man is he, she wrote off $700,000 and all she does is give political speeches.

So, no, she doesn’t know what it’s like to have things you can appreciate. To say he wrote off 18 years is incorrect. That’s what, by law, he has. That’s how long he has to use that write-off. That’s not what he wrote off. This is totally a misnomer. It’s the media not clearly stating what’s happening.”


“We would love to know exactly,” Bolduan noted about Trump’s taxes.
Matt Schlapp wondered how Clinton was able to go from poverty after leaving the White House to being a millionaire while serving in public office. Clinton files her tax returns jointly with her husband former President Bill Clinton. After leaving the White House, while his wife was in the Senate, Clinton toured the country doing paid speeches and also published an autobiography. The book My Life led the bestseller list for quite awhile and Clinton was given a record-breaking advance for over $10 million.

Former Bernie Sanders press secretary Symone Sanders broke in trying to be a voice of reason, “The story here is the Republican nominee for president has gamed the tax system, gloated about it in the first presidential debate and is now out here actively trying to spin it into something good for the American people.”

Clinton surrogate Bakari Sellers brought up the charitable giving for the candidates. Bauer tried to make it a big deal that the Clintons give to their own foundation, but that is a double edge sword as Trump hasn’t donated to his foundation since 2008.Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold is still searching for any charity that has received any donations from Trump, so far he hasn’t found any.
“I love hearing Matt and Andre spin themselves about this,” Sellers grinned. “Because the fact is if Donald Trump was making all of this money, why is he stiffing the contractors who worked every single day?”
Bauer got a little unruly and Bolduan shouted his name several times before resorting to to holding her arms out to stop everyone from speaking.

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