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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The condescending smirk of Mitt Romney

There's a difference between acting Presidential and pretending you're President.

This morning we woke up to news that the American ambassador and three staffers were killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya. The mob violence was sparked by a private citizen's anti-Islam video.

Before violence erupted at the American consulate, the U.S. embassy condemned the fringe YouTube video - And in most intelligent circles, this should have been an easy task for the man on the magical underwear tour, yet Mittens took the low road this morning. All Mittens had to do was come out, denounce the violence, honor the fallen, and extend his condolences to the families of the victims. But right at the top, Romney condemned messages from officials under attack in the U.S. embassy in Cairo, falsely accusing them "apologizing for our values." Romney, in an official statement, said 'the Obama administration's first response' to the violence was to 'sympathize with those who waged the attacks' on our consulate. That's not what happened!

Yet again, Mittens chooses the path that is not of least resistance. Lets face it readers, the Rombe/Ryan ticket and it's foreign policy skill set is an abomination of everything realistic and humanistic in our society.

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Romney raced to politicize an international crisis without knowing all of the facts, risking further inflaming of the situation while US citizens remain in harms way in those countries solely for his own political gain, engaging in an unprecedented undermining of the US administration on active matters of foreign policy rather than ending politics at the waters edge, and judging the efforts of those in the Cairo Embassy about to be attacked to calm the situation from the safety of a 7000 foot mansion with Secret Service protection should all be disqualifying: Romney lacks the temperament and judgment to be Commander in Chief, and clearly cannot be trusted to make the decisions about putting America's sons and daughters in harms way.

As a staunch democrat and American I genuinely want to know what kind of person sees a foreign attack on Americans -- an attack that has reportedly led to four U.S. deaths -- and thinks it's acceptable to lie about the violence to gain a few points in the polls. The campaign isn't going Romney's way right now, but is that an excuse to exploit the death of Americans with cheap rhetoric? In the face of violence abroad, this was Romney's first instinct?

This press conference was at best irresponsible, at worst, a political mistake of epic proportions. Mittens has to be the biggest asshat this side of planet Kolob.

Romney must have realized that he was wrong overnight, but apparently feels as if backing down isn't a credible option -- so he's digging deeper, politicizing a tragedy, repeating falsehoods, and desperately trying to smear the president during an unfolding crisis.

It's a familiar pattern: Romney says something classless and untrue; he gets called out for his mendacity; then he repeats the falsehood under the cynical assumption that voters are easily fooled and there will be no consequences. This time, however, the GOP candidate is trying the strategy while trying to exploit deadly violence against Americans abroad.

Time and time again we see the GOP Presidential freight train crashing, but yet this time the blathering duo is crossing a line that even Aleistar Crowley wouldn't cross.

Roger West