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Friday, March 22, 2013



The GOP is often infected with EASMS [etch a sketch memory syndrome] and Rachel Maddow opened her show last night noticing an interesting phenomenon in Republican politics: party leaders making surprisingly moderate and candid comments during interviews, only to walk back those comments later after remembering what it is they actually support. Maddow showed how this phenomenon runs the gamut from members of Congress to governors to even the man the GOP put up as its presidential candidate last year.

Maddow took viewers on a trip down memory lane to bring up how this used to be a recurring problem with Mitt Romney, especially on abortion and contraception. She also brought up how Senator Rand Paul is facing a potential double-flip of his own, because despite pushing a bill which would “ban all abortions in America,” he walked back from the very idea and even said there are “thousands of exceptions” in an interview.

Courtesy of MSNBC

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Maddow asked, “Why does this happen so much in teapublican politics? And how does the other party, or the country at large, argue policy with a party that so often does not even seem to know what their policy positions are, let alone actually believe in them?”

Whether it be "bushnesia", "Romnesia, or the dreaded etch a sketch memory syndrome, the American Taliban is often playing games at America's expense, it's time for us to wake the f*ck up!

Wake The Fu&k Up

Roger West