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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Graham [Dingbat] & McCain [Geezer]: Obstructionists, Liars and Hypocrites

Benghazi-Gate: Yes, Benghazi was a terrible thing, but as you can see below, 10 Benghazi-gate-esk type of attacks happened under the asshat G.W. Bush - in which 60 deaths occurred. Did we hear John McCain or his ogre sidekick Lindsey Graham speaking up in opposition then? No!

Photo courtesy of The Blue Street Journal:


The picture above is why I despise the American Taliban so much. Lie, bullshit, and avoid the facts, these traitors of late - have filibustered a Presidential appointment to the Department of Defense. Why, because one of their own broke ranks and spoke the truth; and hurt their feelings.
And to think that once, Mitch McConnell said that Chuck Hagel was the most trusted figure in DC on matters of National Security; and John McCain had previously said how Hagel would be perfect for defense secretary when McCain was running for President.

 The "Guns Over People" [GOP], rarely take ownership for anything wrong in this country. These political hecklers, McCain and Graham, are living relics, of a time when troglodytes roamed the earth. The new Staler and Waldorf, Geezer and Dingbat, [John McCain, Lindsey Graham] - Nothing is beyond the pale of Mr. Bitter [McCain] and Mr. Un-lettered [Graham]. We are used to Statler [McCain] Waldorf [Graham] heckling the President, but holding our country hostage - it's time to put these cows out to pasture.

Really Geezer and Dingbat? You are going to water board the country over Bengahzi - when you failed to address your own kinds debacle ten times over? In true hypocritical fashion, the GOP shows us yet again why they are the party of ignorance.

McCain and Graham [GEEZER AND DINGBAT]:

John McCain and Lindsey Graham would be doing a much better service for America if they sat in a balcony and just insulted their fellow Muppets.

Roger West