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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Republican Double Standard

If Anthony Wiener actually slept with one of the six women he is accused of sexting with, would Republicans had given him a standing ovation like they did David Vitter?

I haven’t said much of anything about Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) two week-long controversy, in large part because I’m having trouble figuring out why so many are jumping the "ax" Weiner campaign. Many politicians before him have done far worse and yet they did reside or still do reside in congress. Hell, Ted Kennedy got drunk and killed a woman in his car and the country embodied and revered him as a God.

If David Vitter could beat a prostitution rap and continue to pimp himself as a "family values" candidate and still manage to get his rashy rear reelected in a red state, Weiner should be able to keep himself in his seat.

Jiminy Crickets, David Vitter wore diapers around and had sex with prostitutes, but faced no prosecution or professional punishment.

As congressional scandals go, sending dirty pictures online is fairly tame. Republican senators David Vitter and Larry Craig survived immediate calls for resignation after getting caught going way beyond cyber sex. Rep. Anthony Weiner was dumb, for sure, but if that's a crime who would be left on Capitol Hill? Plenty of politicians kept office despite doing worse things than this.  
According to a survey of 500 New York City registered voters conducted by New York 1 and Marist College, only 30 percent say Weiner should resign. 51 percent of respondents said he should stay in his position and 18 percent said they were not sure. “It’s worth keeping in mind that New York is overwhelmingly Democratic. Partisanship can run high in this town. Moral outrage, maybe less so,” said ABC News pollster Gary Langer of Langer Research Associates. – Anthony Weiner: Poll Finds Majority of New York Voters Think He Should Not Resign

The long list of right wing sexual scandels include: Chris Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John Ensign — but let’s also not forget Mark Sanford, Jim Gibbons, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and others.

Quoting NFTOS Editor-in-Chief  Roger West, "Whenever Republicans are calling for a strong Democrat to resign over a sex scandal, that’s the moment people should wake up and smell the heaping pile of hypocrisy."

Now the Right is fundraising on Weinergate. Are you getting it yet? It’s just too bad Democrats won’t turn it around and do the same on Vitter.

Ed Schultz was embarrassed when his own instant phone poll illustrated that over 70% of his own viewers say Weiner shouldn’t resign.  

Rachel Maddow went through the long list of Republican scoundrels last night which included a very candid Larry Flint.

If the late Sen. Ted Kennedy can redeem himself to such glory there is no reason whatsoever why Rep. Anthony Weiner can’t continue driving his adversaries crazy in Congress.

There lies the reason Republicans are demanding he go.

Few are as good on camera making the Democratic case than Rep. Anthony Weiner.

But since Republicans are so self-righteous; Democrats filled with self-loathing, who knows how this will end?"

Republicans get away with sex-related scandals much more easily than Democrats do. Moral of the story: if you’re going to screw around, be part of the GOP.