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Friday, October 14, 2016


Jake Tapper yesterday asked Cheeto Jesus surrogate Kayleigh McEnany how it is that she and the Trump campaign can attack Trump’s accusers but not accusers of former President Bill Clinton.
“Every person who accuses of sexual assault should be heard and so should every person accused should be heard,” McEnany said, then saying that many of these accusations against Trump . But in the next breath, she said, “There are a lot of reasons, the facts that lead us to question these accusations.”

Tapper, showing frustration with McEnany:
“Kayleigh, I have to say, because we had a conversation on Sunday during the debate after Mr. Trump brought out the three women who have accused Bill Clinton, two of them of sexual assault and one of them of rape. And you didn’t go into detail questioning their accounts,” he said. “One of them signed an affidavit saying that there had not been any nonconsensual sex and then recanted it. You didn’t have a problem with that inconsistency. One of them didn’t report the alleged incidents to police. You didn’t have an incident with my question is why do you have a that. Different standard for Mr. Trump’s accusers than you do for Mr. Clinton’s accusers?”
“I certainly don’t,” McEnany claimed. “These women did wait to come out with their stories.” In truth, many of women did come forward with their stories prior to the election, in some cases with a civil suit against Mr. Trump that he settled out of court.
“Many victims of sexual assault do wait,” she continued. “These women didn’t take their stories and splash them over the New York Times before an election.” In truth, many of these women did do exactly that during Bill Clinton’s campaigns in Arkansas and for the presidency in 1992. “They took them, at least two, to a court of law, to a lawyer, an attorney, as they should have done.”

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