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Friday, January 7, 2011

WHAT"S THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



This morning, the Labor Department released its employment data for December, showing that the U.S. economy ended the year by adding 113,000 private sector jobs, knocking the unemployment rate down sharply from 9.8 percent to 9.4 percent — its lowest rate since July 2009. The “surprising drop — which was far better than the modest step-down economists had forecast — was the steepest one-month fall since 1998.” October and November’s jobs numbers were also revised upward by almost 80,000 each. Still, 14.5 million Americans remain unemployed, and jobs will have to be created much faster in coming months for the country to pull itself out of the economic doldrums.

Responding the jobs report, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) noted that President Obama and the Democratic Congress have created “more jobs in 2010 than President Bush did over eight years.”

Indeed, from February 2001, Bush’s first full month in office, through January 2009, his last, the economy added just 1 million jobs. By contrast, in 2010 alone, the economy added at least 1.1 million jobs. This chart, produced by Pelosi’s office {which was created from data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics}, demonstrates the difference between the Bush administration and the Obama administration on jobs:

As the Wall Street Journal noted in the last month of Bush’s term, the former president had the “worst track record for job creation since the government began keeping records.” And job creation under Bush was anemic long before the recession began. Bush’s supply-side economics “fostered the weakest jobs and income growth in more than six decades,” along with “sluggish business investment and weak gross domestic product growth,” the Center for American Progress’ Joshua Picker explained. “On every major measurement” of income and employment, “the country lost ground during Bush’s two terms,” the National Journal’s Ron Brownstein observed, parsing Census data.

With the graph above we would love to see tea bag central debunk these real facts! These are the facts that the extreme right would rather you not know about. These hard facts once again depict how much balderdash, baloney, bilge, bunkum, claptrap, crap, tea bags distort and twist with regards to the current admins work.


No Rhyme Or Reason, Republicans Just Make It Up As They Go

nThis blog piggybacks yesterdays reading of the constitution by the house of representatives.

We at NFTOS are amazed at the below Maddow snippet! Cleary the right is oblivious to what's right and wrong, and clearly they just make up {expletive} fecal matter as they go.

Rachael starts out with the constitution and how the right skirts and omits sections of the constitution. (which we depicted in detail yesterday prior to this Maddow release) While this alone is disturbing, the further facts in her segment regarding the republicans and their platitudinous, bromidic, hypocritical, ways make us here at the West Media Group want to regurgitate!

We at NFTOS hashed out whether to dissect Rachael's segment, or to let it speak for itself. Editor-in-Chief Roger A. West made the decision at the horseshoe ( meeting desk for news room execs) to allow the video to run without commentary.

Upon further review, we will leave this small comment. After seeing this video whether right of left, any and every American should be livid at this mentality! Bottom line, the malfeasance of the republican party is unacceptable! "Cut-as-you-go", "open rule", repeal Obama care to a tune of $230 Billion dollars, cut spending, but don' pick a program to cut, "pledge to America", "constitutional citation". Can we really take a republican at their word?!

We at NFTOS title the tea bags "the know-nothings" for a reason, {like we needed further ammunition}, this video segment solidifies the nail in the coffin for the tools of the right!

"Two house republicans were not present inside the chamber. Congressman Pete Sessions and congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. Where were they? Attending a Mike Fitzpatrick swearing-in ceremony somewhere else in the capitol. If you are not officially sworn in, you are not an official member of congress. Despite the fact they were not technically congressmen because they skipped the swearing in, in favor of a party that was about the swearing in, Mr. Sessions and Mr. Fitzpatrick went on to pass votes in the house. Mr. Sessions even presided over a rules committee hearing when he wasn't technically a member of congress. Why did they think this was okay? Reportedly and I'm and quoting here, the pair watched the swearing-in on television from the capitol visitor center with their hands raised. Raise your hand at the TV? You can't get sworn in by a TV. You have to be there in person. If you could become a congressman by raising your hand at the TV, everyone simultaneously watching c-span yesterday and reaching for something on a high shelf or waving to a friend would be a congressman right now. The two not yet really congressman who faked their swearing-in had to be properly sworn in after the fact today. The first 33 hours in power is not going well today. These are self-inflicted things. republicans carefully laid out these rakes on the floor inside the front door. They've been stepping on them one after the other since they got in."...............

Readers we just can't make this stuff up. To know the republican is to love them.