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Saturday, January 10, 2015



Bill Maher is back from vacation, and he does not disappoint in his New Rules section from last night.

Maher takes a harsh look into why police circa 2015, why they need to "man-up".

Maher went off on the NYPD for “throwing a tantrum” at Mayor Bill de Blasio and asked when they started “suffering from PMS.”

Maher repeatedly clarified that he supports the police, but he’s a little annoyed that “New York’s whiniest” engaged in a slowdown because they felt “unloved” by their mayor.

He tied this into a broader theme of police officers as these ‘infallible” forces that will justify anything as “by the book.” Maher suggested they should “get a new book,” pointing to cases like Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. And the way some police unions have been particularly ardent about defending the cops struck Maher as the same kind of “union bullshit” that explains why people hate unions in the first place.

Video Courtesy of HBO

Now I am positive that the police will take umbrage to this blog, why, because its a factual depiction of policing.

During a previous segment in last nights show, Salman Rushdie and Maher were discussing the Al Qeada Paris attacks - and Maher stated, [speaking on a few bad apples in the Muslim faith] "when there are this many bad apples, there's something wrong with the orchards". I think this is also very fitting to the bad apples in our police forces today.

Roger West