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Friday, September 5, 2014



What's dumber than a guy who risks 30 yrs in prison for $165k? A guy who turns down a plea deal excusing 13 out of 14 charges, and alleviates his wife of any charges? Your answer, there is nothing dumber!

Not too long ago, former Virginia Gov. (Transvaginal) Bob McDonnell was a rising star, labeled a likely candidate for national office.

As of yesterday afternoon, this conservative (tea bagger) "Family Valued" Christian Republican has a different label: convicted felon.

The Hubris of this [numbnutz] "Family Valued Christian Conservative" is overwhelming.

The governor prior to today, was better known for forcing women to undergo unwarranted vaginal probes - but due to his sever case of hubris, Transvaginal Bob will now go down in infamy as the sleazy lying corrupt GOP Govna of Virginia who not only tossed his wife Maureen under the bus, but he backed over her several times for good measure.

Not in modern time, not since Mary Todd Lincoln was betrayed by her eldest son, has this country seen a court trial, betrayal, like Bob McDonnell's - with his treatment of his wife - with such disgust and unfettered distaste - playing out for the world to see, as if it was a reality show gone horribly wrong.

Wife-Dumping Defense Fails ‘Family Man’ McDonnell Video Courtesy of MSNBC

Bob has the potential to spend many years of his life in federal prison [30 years], and rightly so. Bob and Maureen are what's wrong with politics today - and more specifically, what's wrong with "Republican Christian Family/Political Values".

Speaking of karma, now that Transvaginal Bob is a convicted felon, he should lose hundreds of thousands of dollars [unless successful under a court appeal] due to a bill that he signed back in 2011, which in essence denies retirement benefits to public employees convicted of on-the-job felonies.

McDonnell Trial A Spectacle To The End Video Courtesy of MSNBC

Republicans, often of late, seem to suffer from a myriad of diseases, "Bushnesia", "Romnesia", foot-in-mouth disease and hubris. In the end it was the Hubris and stupidity that sunk the vagina probers life.

It's really hard to celebrate Bob McDonnell's going to jail when so many other crooks and liars [aka republican politicians] are running free.The next query for conservatives is, "is orange the new black" for them?

Roger West