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Saturday, November 9, 2013



Bill Maher's "New Rules" last night was a scathing examination of religious people who would love to do things like take care of the starving and needy - that is if it wasn't always for some personal conflict getting in the way.

Maher said these Christians should “just admit you’re selfish” and come to terms with the fact that their actions do not “mirror the spirit of Jesus.”

Maher ran the spectrum of "republican Jesus" ideology, from republicans pushing for more food stamp cuts, to a Christian family that left a homophobic note instead of a tip for their gay waiter. Maher said they repeatedly emphasized the line “not share” to show “they've really absorbed the message of Jesus.”

Maher mocked the Christian message of “I believe in charity, just not for people who need it” and concluded that “there’s always a good moral Christian to tell everyone you meet to fuck off and die.”


This evolution of "republican Jesus" started when the Bible bangers started their "born again" nonsense. That stated, all you simply have to do is be born again - to receive your free get out hell card and to get into heaven. This was an abomination of Christ's teachings, which stressed love thy neighbor and aid the poor.

As always, when 'republican Jesus" rears his ugly head, I love to end with my most famous quote: I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. Mahatma Gandhi

Roger West